Work on a Brat

If the wind hadn’t been blowing with such a force, I’d say it would’ve been a delightful day, but unfortunately every time I ventured out, the wind would attempt to blow me in a different direction.  It was so bad that instead of walking to several of nearby appointments, I jumped in my car and drove.

Thank goodness the overnights I was waiting for arrived earlier than I’d expected which gave me the opportunity to get a release filed at the courthouse and an abstract delivered to an attorney’s office.  I can at least say all the extra time I spent researching that mortgage paid off to where we won’t be racing to get last minute releases as the closing date approaches.

One of my extended conversations today with a client, was yet one more confirmation of how little regard people have towards professionalism.  I’m not so sure what some of the liberal arts colleges are teaching nowadays, but if there’s an encouragement by their faculties to freely cross borders to get answers, then I think they need to pull back on their thinking.  The reason for that need, is that when we enter into a question and answer session with someone in the public, there should be norms followed instead of it turning into some sort of inquisition which creates end results that can be easily mis-interpreted by the general public.

Someone not long ago spoke about all this bashing that seems to be taking place in our news medias by both sides of the political spectrum.  So who really is at fault?  Are the people down in their snake pits hissing away to be blamed, or are those that crawl down into those same pits and begin their counter-hissing, even more to blame because they should know better?  I’m afraid our social medias have allowed these free-for-alls to take place just to create more followers, but in the end, we’re allowing our social standards to be compromised by this business of “anything” goes.

A dear client stopped by this afternoon to talk about possibly selling her home.  I’d say we visited more about family, life, society and everything else in between.  Whenever she stops, there’s always the questions of how business has been and whatever else has been happing in my life since we last spoke.

Yours truly had to share an incident I had recently with a colleague who for some reason happened to get out of bed on the wrong side that day, and decided it was time to jump on me with all fours about something that wasn’t even worth talking about.  Well, I took about five minutes of that un-warranted bashing and then kicked back.  I told my client how all the more angry I was with myself for loosing it, than I was with that person.  I told her that the rest of these days of Lent will be spent working all the more on distancing myself from being pulled into any sort of un-necessary spats with those who’re in a bad way, itching for a little attention.

My day was a bit longer with late showings to a young couple I’ve been working with.  Oh Mercy!  For sure the homes in Mason City in that under $70K range sure leave much to be desired.  If it’s not a home surrounded by unctuous rentals, it’s one in need of many big ticket updates.  And if that’s not the case, it’s one screaming for a deep cleaning along with a fumigation.  I walked out of one of them with that feeling something invisible was crawling on me.  I’m still in hopes it was a psychosomatic reaction to what I was seeing. If I were one of those sellers, I’d be in a state of total embarrassment knowing a stranger was looking at such disfunction.

In one of the homes there were some hardboard squares about the size of a book cover tacked in the attic and the basement floor joists.  The buyer thought they were for rats, but seeing those in the attic I told him it was likely for bats, and when looking farther down the line of rafters, I noticed a bat stuck to one of them that appeared to have been there for a very long time.  Getting a little slap happy I commented, “Well those are glue boards which can be used for rats or bats, and if you can get one big enough, it would work on a brat.”  I thought it more funny than they did, but I guess they don’t appreciate a little dark humor.  That glue board in the basement looked like it had gnats stuck to it, but I swear I even saw a flea stuck there which likely gave me that instant “feeling” there was something crawling on me.

Now that we’re getting down to the bottom of the list of possibilities, they’ll either pick one they’ve already looked at, or wait for one or two more to hit the market.  It’s too bad there’s such a bottle-neck in that price range, but it’s to be understood when knowing there are a handful of rental barons in our City who’re holding on to them. With that said, if any of you know of anyone getting ready to sell a 2 or 3 bedroom home in the $70K or under range, please have them give me a call because I may have a buyer or two for it.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Idleness is the heaviest of all oppressions.

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