The Liberty to Darken

Unfortunately, my day started out a bit of a disappointment after being called by the listing agent of a home I wrote an offer on yesterday and telling me another offer came in on it after I submitted mine.  She was good enough to ask that I get in touch with my buyer and request, “highest and best”.  After hanging up, I text the buyer to say there was a competing offer along with asking for “highest and best”.  About 15 minutes later I received a text back with a higher amount.  I called the agent and gave her the new amount the buyer would offer, so now we’re now stuck waiting until late tomorrow morning.

After speaking with several agents these past few days, it appears they’re also in agreement regarding our current shortage of homes in certain price ranges.  There are a few more coming on now, but not in the ranges we’re needing them.

I spent a good part of my day setting up appointments for later this week as well as working on a large open house ad for Prairie Place on 1st which I’ll be hosting on Sunday afternoon the 07th of April.  I’m hoping the weather will be straightened out enough by then to where we won’t be having any miserably wet or cold days.  I decided to have the ad placed in this coming Sunday’s newspaper just so the bulk of our elderly will have time enough to plan for it.  I’ll still have the regular open house ad the Saturday before, but at least this Sunday’s will be big and colorful enough for them to cut it out of the paper and post it as their reminder.  There’ve been several other Realtors showing the units lately, and I do hope they’re doing a good job of explaining all the extras included.

Someone mentioned something today that was quite disturbing regarding the work that’s already being done on the old Penny’s building.  I’m not sure if that news was confirmed, but it sounded like the contractors have already encountered an un-expected problem.  As we all know, when something like that happens, that’s when the costs begin to sky-rocket.  I do hope it was just idle gossip because a big problem being discovered this early in the game, opens the doors for even bigger ones in the future.  Not being considered a kill-joy when saying I’ve always been of the belief our mall is situated on “cursed earth” because of what I heard happened back at the time when it was forced upon us.  We must always remember that history does repeat itself.

Speaking of history repeating itself.  I’ve been keen to watch the evolution of various family dynamics, and I’m convinced it’s far too often generational.  I’ve personally observed one particular family’s evolution, and found it almost scary to see how the names and faces of the players changing, but very much the same in-fights taking place to where I ask myself, “Who or what threw the generations of that family on one wicked merry-go-round that continues to throw off, and then place back on, the next pre-conditioned players?”

What’s unfortunate about that that family, is that they’re both ignorant as well as being in denial of what took place generations before.  Whenever I see or hear of family situations like that taking place, I’m always reminded of that book I once read years ago named, “The Soul’s Code”.  I was so taken by it at the time, I re-read several of its most illuminating chapters.

Later this afternoon I had a bit of a creepy experience take place at the office. While I was seated towards the rear and deeply focused on a project, I just happened to look towards the front and noticed a large man standing about four feet inside my front door which I somehow didn’t hear open or close.

Seeing from a distance how large and slovenly dressed he was, the first thing I thought of was him being another one of our “street walkers” asking about rentals.  I walked up and asked if I could help him, and he then started asking me strange questions about a particular building.  After asking his name and where he worked, he announced he was a reporter for the Globe Gazette.  I firmly said to him, “All the news outlets have known for years I don’t give interviews.”  He actually would not stop asking questions until the phone rang and when I went to answer it, I cut the conversation short and in a nice way, asked him to leave.  Wouldn’t you know it, he came walking back in while I was on the phone and stood there.  I placed the call on hold and became a little more firm regarding him listening in on my phone conversation.

I absolutely do not know what the point of his visit was all about, and for sure still not the least bit happy he took the liberty to darken my door without calling first.  I’m beginning to wonder what sort of reporters our local newspaper is hiring.  His visit was just one more confirmation of how decorum is no longer a part of today’s society.

While on my way home, I happened to notice a big “Store Closing” sign on the front of Shopko.  It makes me sad to see how many brick and mortar stores have closed in Mason City these past several years.  We all know who and what’s to blame, but now we’ve got to find a way to keep those remaining in business, alive and well.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Observe decorum, and it will open a path to morality.

Joe Chodur

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  • John C. Heidenreich says:

    The Hotel/Mall rejuvenation will be the end of anyone wanting to do business downtown. What a cluster-fuck the whole thing is. It should be tore down and rebuilt the way it used to be by an firm that has some imagination with their buildings instead of having them look like a lego kit. Fuck Mayor Pickle and the city counsel.