Drill Sergeant

Thank goodness, in a baby-step fashion, our temps are beginning to rise.  When looking at this weekends weather forecast, I did happen to notice that we’re supposed to get some sort of precipitation which could be rain, sleet or snow.  Irregardless, when speaking to one of my sellers today, he thought it would be fine to have a public open house this Saturday.  I’m going to stay all the more hopeful that I’ll get a good turn-out on it considering what the weather may be like.  We already had one offer on the home which we couldn’t get together, but perhaps that buyer will be back for another look.  I’m still not sure what we’re going to do about re-educating our younger buyers in regards to their un-willingness to purchase homes that aren’t in turn-key condition, including all the modern color schemes.

This afternoon, I received a price reduction from the owners of 903 – 12th St. NW.  It is now at a ridiculously low price of $61,500 which in my mind is near investment grade to where a savvy rental baron could make a good profit from renting it out.  Just remember, it’s a well maintained 2 bedroom with all appliances, newer windows, high efficiency furnace with central air, a double-sized lot, and a monster 3 car garage that would likely cost $45K to build new. I personally would be in 7th Heaven if I had a garage like that.  If any of you know some single person or couple who’s looking for a great starter home, this one would be a perfect place to begin.

This afternoon I happened to read the article that was recently published regarding the 133 unit apartment complex that a company out of Sioux Falls wants to build in the lower parking lot just South of Southbridge Mall.  When looking at their projected rents, I’d say those apartments are going to be decked out with all the creature comforts to get that much per month.  Yes, there are always those who want to rent something new, but give it a few years and then we’ll see.  The loft apartments next door to my building seem to be changing tenants more now than they used to, and likely because they’re not “new” anymore.

There’s one thing I will say about those apartments if they’re built, is that there won’t be so many corporate workers who pretty much know they’ll not be living in Mason City for any extended period of time, buying homes that they end up taking a hit on when they sell.  Most wouldn’t admit it, but I’d say over half of those transplants would never have purchased if there were newer and nicer apartments or town-homes for rent when re-locating here.  I’m not considering this to be a hard and fast fact, but I think that segment of home buyers will be dwindling once those units are built.

While reading our recent news, it didn’t surprise me that there are even more changes to the plans of that hotel/Music Man project than what was originally proposed.  Don’t be surprised if you see even more before they begin breaking ground.  I’ve always wished the best for our community, but I’m growing all the more concerned over the long-term ramifications it’s going to have on our taxpayers.  No matter what anyone says, when a city plugs itself into a big monthly payment for 20 years or more, that money has got to come from somewhere if they can’t keep their budget in balance, and most often those “behind closed doors” budget balancers ask for real estate tax increases.  That’s just the way it happens in all communities.  Unfortunately there are too many in municipal governments who haven’t a clue regarding how hard all the many more are now working just to keep their bills paid.

Having not forgotten, I have to share yesterday afternoon’s encounter with a parent and his two children.  Since we were looking at a structure that wasn’t the cleanest and safest, I kept reminding them to be careful where they were walking.  Since those two were likely in middle school, I had to ask how school was and if they’ve decided what they wanted to be when they graduate.

They both seemed more than willing to share their thoughts which of course wicked me had to do a little teasing.  The parent somehow ended up on the subject of how they interact in their classrooms.  One of them is evidently of the mindset to always suck up to the teacher, while the other continues to be overly focused on a given task without regard to time which creates problems with the overall scheduling of the group.

To the one I said, “The next time you have the opportunity, tell your teacher that a man recently told you that you were unctuous because I’ll guarantee, he or she doesn’t know what that word means.”  Of course I had to relay it’s definition which created a roar of laughter.

To the other I said, “Most would think you’re hard to keep to timelines, but if I had to stand and wait for you once too often, I think you’d get over it in short order.”  I was then quietly asked, “What would you do?”  I turned and in a loud voice snapped, “Are you coming?”  My voice sliced our surrounding silence so much that they all jumped.  Once again the roaring laughter started.  The parent while still laughing said, “You’d make a great Drill Sergeant.”  My only response was, “Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to get someone’s attention.”

Tonight’s one-liner is:  The three greatest things to teach are simplicity, patience, and compassion.

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