Most of my morning was consumed by checking on several vacant properties as well as getting my new listing signed up and posted everywhere.  Since all the more business is being digitalized and sent out into our cyber universe, it does take a little more time to transfer data from one website to another, but that’s just the way marketing real estate has evolved.

My new listing is a four bedroom home located at 336 – 26th St. SW here in Mason City with a price tag on it of $79,900.  I was sure to do as much research on pricing before I met with the sellers because they do want it sold more sooner than later.

The moment I walked in the front door, I instantly knew it was one of those that had special care given for a very long time.  The owner mentioned that his father was instrumental in its construction back in 1951, and just remember, when an owner/occupant is involved in construction, all the more care is taken.  At first glance from the street, it really doesn’t look that big, but once inside, opinions get quickly changed.

What impressed me the most was the size of its kitchen/dining area.  Most homes of that age don’t have a kitchen arrangement like it which makes it all the more appealing to our younger crowd, and especially since there’s absolutely nothing that has to be done other than it’s new owners wanting to paint or decorate to their own tastes.

There’s a double stall garage out back which is definitely a selling point in weather like this.  It has permanent siding, hardwood floors, updated wiring, a newer furnace w/central air, and a very useable basement.  Anyone with children will appreciate the play area directly across the street which is where the old Madison School was located.

The real upside of this home is the second floor which has two bedrooms and oodles of storage.  Now if a young couple without children purchases it, they could use that upper area for storage, a den, an office, or even workrooms until their family starts growing.  So if any of you know of some who’s looking for a first home, this one will more than fit their bill.  Please check out the photos and see for yourself how much it has going for it.

Another block of my time was spent today at several banks where I was closing one account and opening another.  Most in our general public don’t challenge services provided, and when after a number of times of complaining and nobody acting, I’d say that’s when the time comes for a parting of ways.  Of course what grinds on me even more, is when that time does come, you’re given weak excuses and a willingness to correct those problems.  Banks are sometimes like doctors where it usually takes something major to get people to change.  I’m not that way because back when I worked at a bank, we did everything we could to live up to the expectations of our customers–especially if a complaint was levied more than once.

When pulling up to my office this morning, I was ecstatic when seeing the City had cleared off all the snowbanks from my side of the street.  What a breath of fresh air to see all that nasty stuff gone!  I’m sure they’ll be working on clearing off the other side late this evening or early tomorrow morning.  I’m just hoping we’re not going to be getting anymore than light dustings before the melting starts because there’s a heck of a lot of snow to get melted off.  Someone said it’s supposed to be above freezing starting Wednesday of next week.

Yesterday I was handed a project that’s going to be eating up a great deal of my time in research these coming days.  It’s something I really don’t have to do, but when it involves helping someone in need, I figured it was once again my time to pay it forward.

Have you noticed how recently stores are asking if you want to donate the coin that’s due back from a purchase to go towards some charity they’re supporting?  I mentioned something to a clerk several days after asking me for my change which I probably shouldn’t have, which went something like, “Don’t you know that when you’re put on the spot or shamed into giving, it really doesn’t do anything for you because the real points we get are during those times when we give on occasion out of our own self-less incentives?”  Her only response was, “I understand.”  I walked out convinced that she really didn’t.  She’s likely got me branded now as a penny-pinching miser.  I’m only going to hope that some day she will understand.

Yeah!  Tomorrow is the first of March and now only 21 more day left before the official arrival of Spring.  A gentleman just happened to mention today how he believes our weather patterns are shifting to where winter comes later which pushes Spring farther into the future.  After remembering what our recent years have been like, I couldn’t help but agree with him.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  The way to do fieldwork is never to come up for air until it’s all over.

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