Frost Build Up

It may sound like a broken record when speaking about these cold days, but don’t you think we’ve endured enough of them?  Someone mentioned something about another possible four to six inches on the weekend, and I’m sure praying whomever said it was completely mis-informed.

Being out and about the Downtown today, I’d say our streets are piled all the higher with banks of snow that I haven’t seen in years.  Even some of the parking spaces are being taken over.  The City Street Dept. must be working overtime since the weekend with their jobs of getting that blizzard snow under control.  I’ve been working at keeping a path opened in from my office to the street so at least there won’t be anyone having to climb over a snowbank to get within.

While at an office today I was getting teased by one of the workers who said she saw me out shoveling over the weekend.  I showed her my supposedly well-made leather gloves that were coming apart at the seams.  I just purchased them at the beginning of winter which now look frightful, but wouldn’t you know it, they were made in China.  I’m sure many of you are of the same opinion regarding that crap they’re shipping to our States.

Speaking of made in China, I purchased a relatively expensive wool/cashmere blend long winter coat before last winter started, and wouldn’t you know it, by the time Spring arrived, some of the seams were pulling apart.  Go figure!  Of course, it was made in China.  After seeing what happened to that coat, I became all the more wary of anything made in their People’s Republic.

Not long after I began my search for things I needed that were not made in China, I found it very upsetting when discovering that there are certain household items that are exclusively made in China.  No matter what the brand’s name, all of them were manufactured there.  Who can we blame?  I blame our greedy corporations who’re looking to get maximum profits out of their products which in the end, put all that many more Americans out of jobs.  Secondly, I blame our gullible general public for thinking they have to continually buy newer and “better” products when their old ones were working just fine.  Before you pull the trigger on replacing an old one that’s still working with something brand new, just remember there’s that planned obsolescence factor to consider when buying “new”.

I had to meet someone at a home today, and when I walked in, I noticed it so cold I could see my breath.  The owner was beside himself regarding his near new furnace having shut down.  He’d already called an HVAC company to come look at it, but I had to ask if his exhaust and intake pipes were covered with snow from this last blizzard.  I went on to explain about how these new furnaces will automatically shut down if their intake or exhaust vents are obstructed.  Sure enough, that’s exactly what happened because after he cleared the snow away, the furnace kicked on by itself several minutes later.

Can you imagine how many people had that same problem with their high efficiency furnaces shutting down due to their vents getting plugged with last weekend’s snow?  I’m sure the furnace companies are raking in the bucks from the number of service calls they’re billing out due to such simple over-sights.  It makes me a little angry at those HVAC people for not telling their customers to keep those areas where their furnaces vent, free of any obstructions.  You may wonder how I knew about those vents.  Well, after about 3 service calls, I figured out the problem myself, only mine was the intake vent getting a frost build up inside it because the furnace installer placed the exhaust vent too close to the intake vent.  I’m wondering if there are any people still living in our midst who take the time to step far enough back and look at cause and effect.

Another one of my listings went under contract today, and happy for it.  I’m confident it’ll close without any financing or title issues because I’ve had my share of them recently.  I was assured by the buyer’s bank, as well as the selling Realtor that there wouldn’t be any problems with financing.

Due to the weather forecast, I decided to not have a public open house this weekend.  I’d planned on having 341 S. Carolina open on Saturday, but we agreed that it would likely be a waste of time since it appears none of my competitors are hosting any this weekend.  By the way, I just love that home’s floor plan and it’s gigantic rear yard.  Can you believe that home sits on a half acre?  Not to worry, I’ll still be working, so if anyone wants to see it this weekend, I’ll be available.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Just like everyone else, we must always remember that we’re unique.

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