Stunt your Growth

I headed to the office a little earlier than normal to get more accounting done along with doing some tidying up of my work areas.  It’s amazing how much paper manages to get accumulated in several weeks time.  I really wish so many of those retailers and credit card companies would stop sending out their mailings.  I don’t even bother opening or looking at them, and every time I put them in the recycle bin I’m reminded how many trees are wasted.

I did a little reading today about our so-called Renaissance Project that’s now moving forward with the interior demolition of the old Penny’s store.  As much as I positively want the best for Mason City, I’m growing all the more concerned over the long-term costs involved–especially the monthly rent that must be paid on a triple net lease basis to that investor way out East.

The more I looked at the numbers, the more I feel our City is being taken down a primrose path which in the end will create higher taxes for everyone owning real estate in our corporate city limits.  As every community knows, there must be an annual balancing of budgets, and if a municipality is short, they’ll most likely raise the millage rates on the owners of real estate which in turn will make their tax bills go up.

It’s no wonder all the more people with money are moving out of our corporate city limits.  I just heard last week that a highly paid City employee just recently moved out of our County.  It’s beginning to look like Floyd, Worth, Franklin, and Hancock Counties are looking all the more attractive to people who work in Mason City.  Hmmm.  I wonder what they know that we don’t.

Those die-hard promoters of the Music Man Square are living so far in the past that they have absolutely no clue how little the younger generations could care about Meredith Willson who died back in 1984 at the ripe age of 82.  The album, “The Music Man” first came out in 1952 which was way before many were even born, and we all know how quickly songs and music fall out of favor.  I’ll not be surprised if the trustees of the Music Man Foundation more sooner than later pull their financial plug and say, “We’re no longer funding a dead horse in Mason City.”

You all may think me bashing that project because of some hidden agenda, but I’m sorry to say, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.  I speak of these things because I absolutely hate to see money being wasted by trying to bring that mall back to life, because it’s going to take more than the world’s best city planning magician to do it.  I’ve always considered myself a fiscally conservative and socially progressive sort of chap, and when standing back and looking at the whole picture of that project I see nothing aligning itself with my beliefs.

All I can say to the many of our naive residents of Mason City is, “Please don’t allow any small special interest groups ruin our City’s financial future.”  Perhaps it’s already too late, and if it is, then hold onto your seats because we’re gonna be going for a ride.

My afternoon hours were pretty much taken up with showing homes to a delightful couple.  Thank goodness none of us slipped and fell on icy driveways, steps, and sidewalks.  Out of the ones I’ve already shown them, they now have two that are good possibilities. I have a “feeling” the home they’re going to purchase hasn’t hit the market yet.

Of course you remember me speaking some months ago about how much I hate refrigerators that have ice makers because of those plastic hoses that suddenly decide to start leaking without notice.  Well, when walking into the kitchen of one of today’s showings which is vacant, there before me was a puddle of water on the floor which had been there long enough that it had saturated the underlayment.  I went to the basement, and there looking up at me was an even bigger puddle on the floor.

I grabbed my mobile and called the listing agent and left a message regarding what I’d found.  Those sellers are definitely going to have some kitchen flooring issues they’ll have to get fixed, just as that saturated ceiling in the basement which will be sagging once it dries out.  After today’s shocker, I’ll say again, “If you absolutely must have a refrigerator that gives water and makes ice, please be very wary of their evil hoses.”

Tonight’s one-liner is:  People are like dirt because they can either nourish you and help you grow as a person, or they can stunt your growth and make you wilt and die.

Joe Chodur

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  • John C. Heidenreich says:

    I could not agree with you more regarding the ‘hotel/arena’ deal and the Music Man square. No one gives a toot about him anymore, no matter how good his songs are. It’s nice to honor him, but the people that appreciate his style of music are dying off. I wish the city would tear down that god damn mall and bring back the old city scape with buildings that match the old ones that are left. That mall has the stink of doom, failure and death about it. Mayor Schikel(Pickle) is a dumb bastard and there is some faulty accounting going on behind the scenes. Check out who bought the buildings just south of the Wilson building. I think Tiernney? swung in and bought them up as soon as they got slated for demo. Check this out, you have the connections! I could rant forever, but it’s getting my BP up. Take it easy, Jo Cho!

  • So very many years ago, the dearest of elderly gentlemen told me before he died, “I was working for the City and became aware of something that was done but didn’t report it because I was more concerned about my keeping my job and raising my family, but now when thinking back, I should have reported it because that person would’ve gone to prison.” I’m of many beliefs, and two of them I’ll now share with you: Before most die, they tell long-held secrets, and secondly, whatever goes around, comes around. With that said, I’m in total agreement that our City should have never built that mall in the first place. I’ve always considered it “cursed soil”.