Shovels Away

Let’s hope this light sleet we’re getting will be short-lived, and if it’s not, there are going to be some dangerous driving conditions come tomorrow morning.  I really didn’t think we would be getting any since it was snowing on and off most of the day, but of course there’s no predicting our weather patterns these recent years.

Most of my morning was spent setting up appointments to show homes tomorrow and Friday along with visiting with a seller about the future listing of his home.  He did ask if I had time to go and look at it which I did, so off we went.

If all homes were taken care of as well as his, there’d be no listings lingering on the market very long unless they’ve been over-priced.  It’s always a joy whenever seeing long term tender-loving care being given to homes because it then becomes a confirmation for me that real estate truly is an investment which in the end, almost always pays handsome dividends.

Since the seller is older, he isn’t aware how fewer buyers there are who’re willing to purchase homes that are in need of updates.  It makes me internally crazy at times whenever a given buyer makes a comment about something that’s an inexpensive fix.  I tell sellers who’re planning on listing their homes to make them as “vanilla” as possible because there could be a color of just one room that may possibly turn them off.

I called the gentleman today whom I gifted the paint, just to see how he was doing, and as I’d suspected, he was happily busy at painting.  I asked how it was going and he replied, “I can’t wait for you to see it when I’m finished because I think it looks really good.”  Of course he had to thank me again for buying it.  When I have time next week and if he’s finished, I’ll have to stop over and have a look.

After my early afternoon appointment, I went back to the office and started working on last month’s accounting.  I did get most of it finished and now just waiting for bank statements to arrive.  I’ll likely be paying a visit this week to a bank that made a small charge to my account without notifying me which caused my account to be out of balance.  The amount they said they were going to charge me in a notice I received was different than what my statement read.  I’m getting all the closer to closing that account and moving it to another bank, and mostly because of the annoying little things they’ve done over the years.

Yours truly was being a little wicked this afternoon while at a drugstore checkout.  After  I paid for my purchase in cash, the young gentleman handed me up-side down and turned over bills that weren’t even stacked in denominational order.  I laid them down on the counter and while straightening them out just so I could place them in my billfold,  I said, “Don’t you know you’re supposed to give change back in a fashion where people can slide them into their billfolds without having to arrange them?”  He blushed a little and said, “My supervisor just told me yesterday something like that but I guess I didn’t understand why until you just showed me.”  Thank goodness he realized I wasn’t being overly demanding, but simply expecting normal service.

Some of the older cashiers do the best when they actually count back the difference of what you’ve handed them in cash and the amount of the purchase.  Now that’s being efficient because they’re making sure they’ve given you the right change.  It’s really not that hard to do once you get the hang of it.

Before calling it quits, I started working on those mailings I thought I’d have finished, but with the number of more pressing items on today’s agenda, I wasn’t possible.  As long as I get them in the mail this week, it’ll be fine.

Another one of tomorrow’s projects is to contact two area newspapers about placing ads for Prairie Place on 1st since it’s coming closer to Spring.  After our recent bitter cold snap, I’ll not be surprised if there’ll be all the more of our area seniors ready to permanently throw their shovels away and start enjoying a more worry-free retirement.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  It is better to destroy one’s own errors than those of others.

Joe Chodur

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