Fogged Over

Having not attended a church service yesterday, I thought it best to catch an early one this morning.  With the condition of the side streets, I had to drive more carefully due to the slippery slush and then found I was almost late getting there.

As I’d expected, there weren’t that many people in attendance which was likely due to the weather.  One of the open pews was just behind a young family whom I’ve seen before, and reminded again that children don’t stay the same age because the oldest was towering over me.

The Service on a whole was acceptable with the exception of their choices of music.  I don’t know when music departments are going to learn that syncopated music with broad vocal ranges are not what most find comfortable singing–especially the elderly.  I internally laughed to myself when hearing the pianist stumble which caused a few people to turn around and look up.  I think his biggest problem was having decided to be not only the keyboardist, but also their leader of song.  To comfortably do that, there’s a great deal of practice involved which I don’t think happened.

Back when I was playing for another church, there were times when I’d find myself without a song-leader, and whenever that was the case, I would pick some familiar traditional hymns and sing the first few lines with the congregation just so to get them started.  It usually always worked out well.

One of my dear friends just happened to be there, so when walking out I invited him for coffee.  We ended up at a locally-owned coffee house and had a good chat over a cup of java.  I had to laugh when speaking about the young couple who were seated ahead of me at church when recalling when just as we were walking out, I patted the younger son on the head and said, “You are so cute!  How did you get to be so cute?”  He seemed surprised and certainly bashful.  I turned to the rest of his family and said, “You all make such a handsome family!”  I know some would think me being a bit forward, but I’m still of the believe society is growing too distant and cold with each other whenever at public gatherings.  Irregardless what anyone says, I’m still of the belief parents and children like to receive compliments that are genuine.

I stopped back at my office and returned several personal phone calls and then decided to get back at my little-big project that I’ve been “flying over” since our deep cold arrived.  I didn’t expect to be there so long, but I kept finding all the more things to do which didn’t bother me in the least since I do enjoy working alone in quiet areas so I can place my mind on cruise.

When realizing it was growing exceptionally foggy outdoors, I figured it best to get home before dark, and a good thing I did because the fog was really getting thick.  I made a quick stop at the grocery store to pick up a few things and headed home.  Thank goodness I made it before dark because it was getting eerily creepy when seeing how quickly the stops signs seemed to appear out of nowhere.  I only hope everyone who’s out driving tonight will be exceptionally careful while keeping their eyes glued to the road at all times while in the midst of our being fogged over.

About an hour ago I received an email from a couple who’ve been long-time residents of our area and informing me they’ll be moving several States south of us this Spring.  It sounds like they’re fed up with these winters and now planning a move to an area where the seasons aren’t as radical as North Iowa’s.  I’ll have to tell them that I’ll wish them well only if they send replacements.   As much as I despise our winters, I’m still not sold on moving to a southern State that has its own problems.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility of our future.

Joe Chodur

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