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I’m still in dis-belief this nasty weather has arrived about a month later than normal and from what I’ve been hearing, it’s going to be cold for a good week or more.  Once again, I’m convinced climate change is very much a reality.

As chance would have it, I had several showings today which put me thru my paces of endurance simply because of that nasty wind blowing.  As much as I don’t like hearing about windchill, with it being just -2 degrees right now, that 25 mph wind is making it feel like -28.  I was so hoping the wind would go down with the sun, but we couldn’t have been so lucky.

At least there are a few die-hard buyers out there when knowing two of my listings were being shown today.   I always say, “If something looks good when the weather is bad, it’ll look even better when the weather’s good.”  One of the showings I had went far better than I thought and only because it’s a cheaper home with very little exterior charm, but when inside, the buyer was surprised by how warm and cozy it felt.

I told him this weather makes me all the more worrisome over people and animals getting overly-exposed to the cold as well as my ever-lingering fear of furnaces going out.  As much as I enjoy living in the flatlands because of the extra sun we get in the morning and evening, the down-side of it is there being no natural barriers to slow the wind down, and when an Alberta clipper comes barreling down on us, there’s no escaping its fury.

You can be sure I’m going to be all the more thankful when we’re out of January and February.  Let’s just hope we don’t have a repeat of last year with those late snowstorms that were dumping heavy inches of snow well into May.  I’m still in denial we had those 18 inches last May, but I know for sure it was more than that because I shoveled around 8 inches that day at three different intervals out in front of my office.

I’d thought about having a public open house on one of my listings, but when looking at the weather forecast for Saturday, I decided against it.  When it’s so bitterly cold, those tire-kicking buyers usually aren’t out looking.  I have a phone message to return in the morning to a caller asking about looking at one of my listings, and I think they’ll want to see it on Saturday afternoon, so I guess I’ll be working that day.

While on my way back from the east side, I decided to stop at Prairie Place for a visit with some of the residents that were downstairs.  I was glad to find them warm and well on such a cold day.  The more I’ve interacted with them, the more they feel like family to me, which gives me all the more hope those remaining ten units will get sold these coming months.  For sure there’ll be some seniors in our area who’ll be ready to give up the winter lonelinesses they’ve been having to endure since their retirements and likely most or all of their children having moved out of our area.  I’m convinced the biggest plus in living at Prairie Place is the sense of community that has been established with all of them.  Whenever I’m at the complex, there’s almost always two or three people gathered in the activity room, and for sure many of them have become pros at putting together jigsaw puzzles which is another way of keeping one’s mind active.

I’m going to be busy tomorrow with a sale file that has title issues and certainly not looking forward to calling the seller and saying, “We’ve got some title issues that need to be corrected.”  I can already hear a “gasket being blown” because that seller relied on an attorney’s opinion regarding documents that were signed and recorded.  So much for putting one’s entire trust in someone claiming to have professional knowledge of Iowa’s real estate laws.

Since the wind didn’t go down with the sun today, lets hope it diminishes when the sun comes up in the morning, while in the meantime, do stay warm and safe.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Take care you get what you like, or you will be forced to like what you get.

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