50K Tricked-out Triple Garage

This was a wildish Wednesday if there ever was considering the number of intervening circumstances that had to be dealt with which had “immediate attention” written all over them.  I’m just thankful I managed to get each and every one of them taken care of in a timely manner.  Thank goodness there were several people involved who were helping things along.  Like they always say, “Many hands and minds make little work.”

Since I happened to have the pleasure of visiting two surrounding Counties today, I’d say the fields are well on their way to being completely harvested, and it looks like it’s none too soon when hearing we’re supposed to be getting about an inch of rain on Friday.  Thinking I would be able to stop and take a few photos while in the countryside, I found there was little or no time available during my trips out and back due to already scheduled appointments I had at the my office.  Oh well, there’s another day tomorrow where I have an appointment in yet another County.  After looking at my gas gauge on my way home, I’d say I put a whole heck of a lot of miles on my vehicle since my fill-up on Saturday morning.

About an hour of my time was spent with a gentleman from a lumberyard at a client’s home who was there to do some measuring for windows and roofing.  The owner was out of town, so I offered to meet him there.  I really don’t have any problem going the extra mile for loyal and faithful clients and customers.  I think I mentioned that several weeks ago I did a favor for a client who continued to insist he pay me until I finally said,  “If you’d have asked me to do it, I wouldn’t, but because I freely offered, I have the right to deny payment.”  After those words, he finally quit talking about it. I’ve always believed it best to pay it forward rather than having to pay it back.

One of my conversations today was with several client family members who’ve grown near and dear to me.  I’m not sure how we managed to get on the subject of Morphic Resonance, but we did, so I proceeded to give them examples of it within my own family.  I believe once a person really understands its concept, they’ll start seeing similarities in their own.  As far as I’m concerned, there’s more to genetic memory than the scientists want to admit, and rightly so because I’m convinced we’d be opening a societal pandora’s box which we’ll never be able to see being closed in our lifetimes.

While visiting, I did happen to share something one of my old family members once said about people who have such base thoughts and ideas about life in general. Back at that time so many years ago, we were talking about something that took place within a certain family which we both thought un-thinkable.  After questioning her about the “whys” and “hows” of such people,  she turned to me and in a solemn voice said, “You have to understand that within many societies, and even familiar families, it may take generations for them to raise their sensitivities and understandings to high enough levels to where they’ll be on  par of where you and I are right now.”  Those radical words from her nearly sent me to my knees.

For a number of years I was personally involved with a family whom you’d swear had no cares for anybody or anything other than themselves.  I noticed it in their “big daddy”, their son and daughter, and even their children.  It was almost as though the lack of empathy was genetically passed down from generation to generation.  They went thru those familiar rituals of love and affection amongst themselves, but I’m not so sure if it really existed. As far as I’m concerned, the bulk of their societal lives were filled with smoke and mirrors.  I dare not wonder what went on behind their closed doors and shaded windows.

Later today, I mentioned something about these crazy weather patterns we’ve been having this year.  I had to keep my mouth shut after I heard reference to our “climate cycles”.  Oh Mercy!  How can anyone believe in such?  If our billions of humans were not contributing to climate change, I’d have an open mind, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize there’s always a cause and effect in everything.  Now if we only had the number of humans walking this earth as there were shortly after having fallen out of their trees, then I’d agree with “climate cycles”.

The above photo is an interior shot of the garage that’s included in the sale of my recently reduced listing located at 903 – 12th St. NW.  As I’v said before, I’d give my eye teeth for that beauty.  It’s a monster 3 car that’s about as finished off as any I’ve seen in a very long time.  And to think we’re asking only $64,500 for it now.  After hearing about a $50K bid one of my customers received from a contractor for the new build-out of a planned 3 car garage, I’d say a person might as well buy my listing and consider they just bought a very nice 2+ bedroom home for 10K – 13K and then paid 50K extra for a 50K tricked-out Triple Garage.  It’s been under the radar far too long, and now I believe it’s time for it to be sold.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.

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