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Here we are rapidly approaching the eve of Halloween which is of course the last day of October.  I’m a bit sad in finding that this past month which should have normally been sunny, pleasant, and dry, ended up being cold, dark, and wet.  I cringe at the thought of what November is going to be like when knowing how erratic our weather has been since the first of the year.  Let’s just hope Mother Nature will offer us an un-seasonably pleasant November.

I had to run back up to Northwood again today on an errand, and still noticed all the many fields of un-picked corn, but at least there were combines busying themselves out in distant fields. On my way back, I was unlucky enough to be caught behind a number of cars following a wagon-train of field equipment that poked along all the way from Northwood to about halfway south of Kensett where they finally turned off.  Several people took their chances at passing them, but one of them had to pull back after seeing how many slow-moving machines there were to pass.  Those contraptions were monster road hogs which were so big, they dwarfed the cars following them.

My temperament wasn’t the best most of the day due to my extreme disappointment with several contractors who’d promised me they’d get busy right away at three agreed-to projects I ordered at least two months ago, and they’ve still not started on them.  I mentioned to a well-known today how crazy it makes me when tradespeople promise to do things in timely manners and in the end, you almost have to beg them from start to finish.   My blunt statement was, “If I promise someone I’ll do something, I do it, which is why it makes me all the more disgusted with people when they make similar promises and don’t follow thru with them.”   We both agreed there is far too little competition when it comes to specialized labor.  What just about sent me into orbit was when one of them said, “I couldn’t work on it last week because I had to go up north and winterize my cabin for the season.”  Thank goodness he couldn’t  read my mind after he said that, because I was having some very impure thoughts about him and his company.  Oh well, it’s just another indicator of the times in which we live.

While walking down to City Hall this morning, I encountered some Parks and Rec’s workers raking the leaves out of our City’s green areas along N. Federal in the downtown.  I couldn’t help but make a few comments regarding what they were doing.  I said to one of them, “Why don’t you cut those Day Lilies off near the ground like they should be, which will then make your raking all the easier?”  One smiling worker answered, “Because my boss told me to do it this way.”  I couldn’t help but teasingly say, “Most of you don’t recognize what’s supposed to remain planted and what’s come up from seed, because even now I see a volunteer Box Elder and a Green Ash sapling growing that are going to be about three feet tall by the end of this next summer.”

Since I was on a roll, I also mentioned how much I hate Locust trees with their weak branches and their hundred million tiny leaves that find their way into our Downtown offices and storefronts.  At least I kept it light with them in hopes they’d remember at least a few things I told them.  Before walking away, I also said, “I’d make a good arborist for this City, but I already have a job.”  While walking back to my office, I was thinking all the more about how much we really do need a qualified arborist who’ll take active steps in making our City’s green spaces beautiful.  Our planning and zoning department can make all the requirements for green areas, but if they’re not being taken care of, they end up looking like road-side weed patches.  Trees and shrubs are similar to pets where they have to nurtured on a regular basis.

The above photo is of the newly re-finished hardwood living room floor in my listing located at 321 S. Carolina here in Mason City.  The contractor has one more coat to apply and then it’ll be ready for viewing.  I’m planning a public open house on it for this Saturday, and hopefully those in attendance will agree that it’s an exceptionally well built home located in one of our more sought-after districts.  The owner told me today he’s ready to sell, so if any reasonable offers are made, he’ll likely take one of them.  If you have time, be sure to stop by Saturday for a good look at 321 S. Carolina’s hardwoods.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  The price one pays for pursuing any profession or calling, is an intimate knowledge of its ugly side.

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