October’s Harvest

I’m hoping all of you had a productive Monday in spite of my having discovered our full moon is rapidly approaching.   I hadn’t been paying attention to the phases of the moon this month, which was likely due to all the days of cloud cover we’ve had, but after experiencing some abnormal behavior with a few people today, I checked to see when our next full moon is to take place, and wouldn’t you know it, Wednesday is when it’s scheduled.  The funny thing about it being a full moon in two days, was a note I sent to someone this afternoon saying, “Considering how people have been acting today, I’ll have to check and see if our full moon is approaching.”

There’s been generations of debate over the supposed effects of the moon on plants, animals, and of course humans.  I do know that many of the old farmer’s almanacs have recommended planting certain crops during various phases of the moon, as well as their animal husbandry sections instructing their readers as to what times during our lunar phases are best for breeding and birthing.  In ancient times, there were certain rituals that would take place on an annual basis during periods of the full and new moon.  You do remember that a few of Stonehenge’s secrets were discovered when finding the rising sun on the morning of the winter solstice would shed it’s light on one particularly prominent spot.  Those so-called heathen Druids seemed to possess a greater understanding of the earth, moon, sun, and stars than today’s experts.  Wouldn’t you like to go back for a day or two, and become a mouse in the corner, and able to understand their Druid language enough to where you’d learn all that many more of their lost secrets which have yet to be unearthed?

I’m hoping we’re back on track with one of my sales which was side-tracked by some silly demands from a buyer’s on-line lender.  If I’ve encouraged buyers once, I’ve done it a hundred times when reminding them how it’s best to work with local lenders to where if there’s a problem, they can get in their cars and drive to a loan originator’s office for face-to-face question and answer sessions.  In my humble opinion, this business of getting loans on the internet has too many more variables which could un-neccesarily de-rail loans.  The unfortunate thing about out of State lenders, is that some of them don’t realize we have different title laws/standards that are markedly different than many other States.  Are our laws bad?  No, because they’ve worked and worked well for our residents for long over a hundred years, which leads me to say, “If it isn’t broken, then don’t try to fix it!”

Later this afternoon I ran into the owner of the building next door to my office who informed me that her storefront is now rented to new tenants who’ll be moving their salon from the Brick and Tile Building over to hers.  I was exceptionally delighted to hear the news while wishing the absolute best for her new tenants.  I’m sure they’ll do well due to its convenient location, and all the more because better parking spaces are being offered.  Let’s all give a great big welcome to the re-location of Salon 220 to Main Street Mason City!

I couldn’t believe how beautiful our day turned out to be.  It was actually in the 60’s again, and with the sun shining at a much lower angle, the shadows it created were all the more interesting.  When the sun is low on clear days, it makes one feel to be standing on the top of the world.

I’m hoping you like the above photo which I had to wait a few minutes to take because when I arrived back at my office, I noticed a honeybee on a lone dandelion plant that was offering up but one flower.  I raced into my office to grab my camera, and when I went back there, it had already flown away.  While standing out there with camera in hand, I dug my heels in and decided to quietly wait a spell in hopes that honeybee would return.  As you can see from the above photo, it did return.  After looking at tonight’s photo, I was reminded that whenever we think or speak of taking in crops during this month, it’s only regarding corn and beans, but there are others out gathering October’s harvest who’re nearly always going un-noticed.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Just living is not enough…one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.

Joe Chodur

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