We’ve got Snow!

If there was ever was a funky Sunday, I’d say this one was a classic.  It seemed like all my plans went awry from the start of my day to where that’s all I later did was just go with the flow of it instead of trying to get plans back on track that continued to derail.

This was my Sunday morning to play the organ and piano at St. Paul Lutheran Church.  As far as my playing, I’d say it was mediocre at best.  In spite of my having practiced, there was one piece’s intro that sounded completely different than it was supposed to.  Oh well, at least I didn’t fall flat on my face.  On a positive note, there were more people in attendance than the last time I was there.  I’ll be all the more delighted to see their pews filled every Sunday.  I certainly appreciated the minister’s sermon which centered around personal possessions, or should I say “stuff” most people fret about, yet show little concern over the needs of others.  His sermon was a take-off from the gospel which spoke about it being easier for a camel to pass thru the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the gates of Heaven.  I believe it’s good for all of us to ever so often, step back and take stock of what we consider to be the most important in our lives.

Yet another one of my disappointments today was having read some bashing articles in that tabloid newspaper we call the Globe Gazette.  If the Gazette’s form of journalism is a mirror of the mindsets of North Iowans, then I’d say we’ve got some real problems right here in River City.  It seems we’re finding all the more trashy reports covering all the gossipy stuff that would never have been put to print decades ago.   Perhaps sometime in the future, people will look back and consider these times having been the renaissance of sensationalism.  What most don’t realize, is that when you speak or write something nasty, it’s sent out into the universe until one day, it circles back and bites those who never should’ve sent such tripe out.

As I’ve said before, by the sounds of such trash-talk on the street and news feeds, I’m convinced we live in a bloated village instead of a city, and if the time does come when our residents begin acting like well-balanced adults who truly want the best for each, then I’ll be more than willing to consider myself living in a real community.  There are great minds who’re quietly living here who know dump truck loads of shite about a very many, but are they standing out in front of reporters?  No, and that’s the way it should be, because anyone and everyone has to live and/or deal with their own societal sins, and pay for them in time more sooner than later.

Not long ago a woman spoke about her childhood and what it was like growing up with seven other siblings.  She shared with me some of the crazy things they would do to each other, along with how she in these times, considered those years some of her most memorable.  One statement that struck a chord with me is when she mentioned there being times when her parents would say, “What goes on under this roof, stays under this roof.”  I fully understood the reason for her parents making such demands, because I’m sure there were no great sins or cover-ups going on which inspired them to say that, but rather the idea that the dynamics of each and every household is different to where if children would speak about something out of context, it would be looked at by the general public as being noticeably abnormal.  While walking away, I remembered one of my cousins speaking years ago about how their uncle wouldn’t allow his children to talk about anything that took place in their home. Now I’d say that was pretty radical and bordering on paranoia, but again, their family’s dynamics were different than most.

Not much was happening in real estate today other than setting several appointments for agents wanting to show a few of my office listings tomorrow, so off I went to busy myself with yard work and cleaning.  It’s amazing how quickly the time flies when focused on tasks we normally think would take minutes instead of hours.  At least I did get some good un-interrupted thinking done while at work.  As I mentioned before, my recommendation for others who see mundane tasks as being boring, is that they focus too much on the tasks themselves, instead of putting their bodies on “cruise control” and let their minds go exploring random thoughts and ideas.  It may sound a bit goofy, but it will work, once you practice enough to where you get the hang of it.

The other crimp in my day was the arrival of snow!  Here it’s only the 14th of October and we’re getting weather that belongs to late November.  What in the heck is happening to our weather patterns?  I looked at the extended outlook for this week, and it was changed from yesterday’s to where the temps are going to be ten to fifteen degrees lower than predicted.  Since there are some of my readers who live out of State, I thought it best to share the above photo I took this evening.  I’m calling it, “We’ve Got Snow!”  Let’s all hope these recent weather predictions will change for the better this week.  Stay warm, dry, and have a restful evening.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Continue loving yourself when knowing fully well, beauty comes from the inside out.

Joe Chodur

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