Every Test of Time

The rain we received last night was causing a real concern with me when seeing how the creeks were rising, and approaching the levels they were when we had flooding back in June.   While driving to work this morning, I could see many sump pumps spewing water out onto the curbsides.  I’m hoping this is going to be the last of the heavy rains for a while, but after seeing today, Florida is getting hit with another deadly hurricane, it won’t surprise me if we get all the more due to a possible chain-reaction that’s caused from intense southern storms.

The sellers of 115 W. North stopped by the office today to sign another price reduction on their diamond-in-the-rough cottage-style two bedroom home.  It’s now reduced to $21K, and to think you can buy it cheaper than what some used cars cost.  What’s upsetting in these times, is knowing there are all these young people out there who’re physically capable of creating some sweat equity, but refuse to because for some reason they want what there parents have–now!

We talked about this at great length today, and came to the conclusion that far too many live only in their “nows”.  They have no cares about their futures because they’re too stuck with their toys which are continuously providing immediate gratification.  Perhaps there’s a more radical fix for it, which would be to take away all of their passive forms of entertainment, and to the point where they’d become so bored they’ll be begging for something to fill their much hated “dead” hours.  Don’t you think it would be worth a try?  Please help me find a new owner for 115 W. North because the owners want to pack up and move South.

The stock market took a nose-dive today, and by the looks of it, it’ll be going down all the more tomorrow.  What’s interesting, is even the pundits have no explanation as to why it’s happening.  My take on it is that there are those quiet, yet exceptionally savvy investors who’re convinced we’re on track for another recession.  As far as I’m concerned, there is far too much corporate and government debt out there, and now that the interest rates are increasing, the cost of servicing those debts, will be rising at staggering rates.  And the sad part about it, is our average so-called middle class will be suffering for the mistakes of those ever-greedy corporate and government bodies.

Can you possibly fathom what someone like Jeff Bezos, along with those many other super-billionaires, must think they’re going to do with so much wealth?  Haven’t they yet realized they’re not going to live forever?  I’m convinced when someone has been bitten hard by the demon greed, it becomes an all consuming sickness.  Even our spit in the sand North Iowa has a handful who’re also suffering from the “bite” while continuing to feed their insatiable hungers for all the more.  It reminds me of a festering pustule that continues to grow on the body until it either explodes or sends enough poison out to where it kills the entire system.  Either way you look at it, the picture is pretty scary.

Since the owner of 321 S. Carolina is working at getting it more presentable to prospective buyers, I went back out and took several new photos of it this afternoon.  The big change for now, is that the carpet’s been removed from the living/dining room and down the hallway.  The oak floors haven’t nearly a mark on them, with the exception of areas where the finish came off when the pad was removed, but not to worry, because the hardwood flooring expert that’s been hired will be making them look just like new next week.  Yeah!  And if it’s not sold before he arrives next week, the oak floors in the three bedrooms will also be looking the same.  I’ve seen his work and it’s superb.  The owner is also working diligently at getting the remainder of the mid-century furniture out, which will indeed help with the presentation of the home’s size.

And I must remind everyone that 321 S. Carolina’s basement hasn’t taken in any water from the time it was built.  That particular district is not noted for having basement water issues because its homes are positioned on our centrally located “hill”.  Back in the old days, that steep incline going up Carolina Ave. from East State Street was always referred to as the Carolina Hill.  I don’t refer to it as such anymore because most have no idea what I’m talking about. All I can say, is that whomever purchases it, is going to have a rock-solid home that’ll endure every test of time.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Laziness is nothing more than the dirty habit of resting before you get tired.

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