Environmental Footprints

I wasn’t the least bit happy to see frost on the rooftops while driving to work this morning.  Since many areas of Mason City are considered to be in the “lowlands”, the coldest temperatures are therefore found in our lowest.  It only stands to reason when remembering cold air falls and warm air rises, which is why many homes with open staircases have issues with maintaining even temperatures because an open stairwell creates a “chimney” effect with air movement.  I’m sure you’ve noticed in winter or summer, when in an upstairs hallway of an open stair, it’s noticeably warmer than at the bottom.

Some of the grand old homes I’ve been in have french doors at the top of their stairs so to stop those chimney effects.  Not too long ago, there was one home I walked thru with a single french door which was swinging like one of those old doors that used to separate a kitchen from a dining room.  There were hundreds of them to be found in homes built prior to the 1940’s around our City, but over the years, people’s tastes changed to where they wanted their kitchens to be exposed to their dining rooms, which brought about the permanent removal of those doors.  And as years moved on and more tastes changed, people wanted little or no separation between those two rooms.  Even now, whenever I’m showing homes built in the 1950’s or 60’s with a sets of upper cabinets and breakfast bars below, nearly all the buyers will end up removing those upper cabinets so to give that space a more open kitchen/dining feel.

I personally have no problem with there being an open kitchen/dining area, but when all the living room is included within a desired open concept, I find it far too void of inner walls which offers no privacy or separation.  I’ve always felt homes as such to be far too much of an open kitchen/dining/living chamber.  I’ve often said to buyers, “In such open spaces, how does one not feel trapped by having to listen to noise bouncing from kitchen to dining to living room, and then back again?”  Just think about it, and you’ll understand the my point.  It’ll be interesting to see in which direction buyer preferences will have evolved to in say ten or fifteen years.

Just this afternoon, we came to an agreement on price with the offer I received yesterday.  Oh, if I only had a dozen of those homes listed, because it certainly has a well thought-out floor plan, and above all, being in a very attractive neighborhood.  There’s no better place to raise growing children in our City than in that home.  Since I know the children who grew up there, I’d say between their parents and the home itself, all three of them have done pretty well for themselves, which is yet one more reminder for us all that a home’s environment has big part in the developmental phases of children.

My public open house/outdoor barbecue was more of a success that I’d expected since it was cold and cloudy outdoors.  Nearly all the residents were in attendance, along with a steady stream of prospective buyers.  I would say there were at least six interested parties who went thru nearly all the remaining units.  I spent a great deal of time with a lady from out of town who had many questions that needed answering.  I had no problem spending the extra time with her because I’d much rather have any given buyer fully up to speed with the features offered in that complex.  She did inform me that she’d looked at a number of other units in the area, and was all the more taken by Prairie Place on 1st.  We’ll see if there are any call-backs on Monday.

One of my dear friends mentioned several days ago that he doesn’t keep his cell phone near his bed, because every time he does, he has creepy weird dreams.  He insists that his cell phone has some sort of effect on his sleep.  I couldn’t help but mention how there’ve been times when I’ve wondered if those cell phone signals are having an affect on all living things which are so subtle, they can’t be registered, and perhaps extended exposure to them, is when the real damage is done.  I was reminded of that when reading not long ago about the inability of whales to communicate with each other when being near certain engine noises coming from nearby ships which sometimes causes collisions between the two.  Yes, it’s interesting how some of the most innocent looking machines can wreck havoc on land and/or sea.  I’m just glad more of our young are becoming all the more sensitive to keeping their environmental “footprints” light.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, while others judge us by what we’ve already done.

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