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I’m happy my week finished out on a number of positive notes which counter-balanced things that happened this week which nearly caused me to go out and spit three times as they do to ward off evil in a few of our sub-cultures.  While writing this, I thought of another saying which goes, “If you get angry with someone, just count to four, but when really angry, swear.”  Since swearing is not an ingredient of my daily conversation, several have told me over these long years that whenever they did hear me swear, they found it laughable.  One of my dear well knowns once said, “You swear with such flair.” The first time it was said to me I thought, “Hmmm.  How does one swear with flair?”  I guess it must be something they find quaint in either my intonation, or delivery.

Two of my listings closed today with soft landings, and one of them happened to be a commercial building I had listed.  There’s no question in my mind the new owners will do exceptionally well with their business plan.  It’s always exciting to find thriving young local business owners.  I told them to find more people just like themselves to sprinkle around our City so to fill the vacant storefronts that we have in our Historic Downtown.  The biggest hurdle for many who want to get started, is capital.  If our local banks would be more lenient with their commercial lending standards, I believe there’d be all the more start-ups.  Much of the success of China’s industries, is that its government has from the beginning, been all the more helpful with their tax and funding structures.  Most people have no idea how many multi-millionaires there are now in China, and that’s mostly due to their government continually promoting them in one way or another.

With our mid-term elections around the corner, we’re seeing all the more political yard signs sprouting in the yards around North Iowa.  Since I’m about as non-partisan as you can get, all I can say to all our voters is, “Investigate as much as you can, the character of all the local and State politicians.  I don’t care a hoot about accomplishments or credentials because if a given candidate doesn’t have good character, they’re not worthy to hold office, and that goes for both the incumbents and their challengers.  I’ve already done my character research, and now know the names I’ll be giving my vote to come election day.

I’ve shared with a select few some of my findings, and hopefully they’ll do their own character analysis.  I found out not long ago that character is high on the list of Warren Buffet’s hiring requirements.  I was happy to find the both of us are on the same page.

I’m putting another plug in for 321 S. Carolina Ave. tonight because of the public open house I’m having tomorrow afternoon.  I have a feeling we’re going to get a good turnout tomorrow.  The one thing I’m really hoping for is there not being any nosey neighbors in attendance.  It’s becomes a bit annoying whenever there’s a neighbor snooping about while I’m trying to visit with prospective buyers. There happens to be one who lives about a block or two away who seems to be more interested in what others are doing in the neighborhood, rather than paying attention to the needs of her own house and garden.  Oh well, God continues to love us all great and small.

I did get a good laugh while visiting with a professional today who was calling for some information she needed.  Since I’ve not had that much interaction with her over the years, for the first time, I got a good dose of her dark humor.  It came as such a surprise, I nearly dropped the phone in laughter.  She was making delightfully wicked comments about the demeanor of the person we were talking about.  I dare not repeat what she said, but it had something to do with comparing the outside appearance of that person’s body which likely mirrors what’s inside.  I’ll be having a few visuals every time I happen to cross that person’s path in public.  Her words were a bit wicked, but filled with more than a grain of truth on this last day of August.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Only Popes, kings, presidents, editors, and people with tapeworms have the right to use the editorial “we”.

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