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If I didn’t know any better I’d swear today was a repeat of a Monday after a three day weekend.  I’m certainly happy for the business, but there were a few of those annoying little circumstances, yet still managed to sail thru the day and that’s all that matters.

We certainly had a wicked storm last evening.  I know we received hail, but I don’t think it was wide-spread over the City.  It was another example of how much stronger than normal our storms have become.  I didn’t check to see how much rain we received, but what I saw coming down looked like sheets, and as we all know, when we get that much so fast, there’s nowhere for it to go.

My public open house was a success at 741 – 10th St. NE where there were people coming and going nearly the entire time.  I received many compliments on its beautiful hardwood floors and its convenient location to the park and swimming pool.

While I was driving there, I happened to notice the home a previous tenant purchased from a Realtor not long ago.  Just from the windshield I could see they were back to their old habits of starting something and not finishing it.  There’s no question their property will more sooner than later become the “blight” of the block.  For them, caring and improving a home takes too much time out of their partying, social medias, and television.  The “man” of the family is full of big talk and grand aspirations, but little or no action.  It took only two conversations with him to sum up his “MO” and that being LAZY!

There were a few miles put on my vehicle today with having to drive to Clear Lake this morning, and then up to Fertile this afternoon.  I find it delightful whenever driving out of town because it helps to bring me back into balance with Nature.  What I found interesting, his how ever so slightly, the green of our trees are starting to fade away. It’s almost as if they just give up their spirits for the year once they’ve created possible new generations from the seeds they’ve produced. Do you think that’s how it is with the humans? I noticed the change of color all the more with the oaks and maples which are now dropping seeds and acorns.

While I was in Clear Lake, I happened to see one of the most beautiful specimens of red oak.  It was very large and all the straighter than I’ve normally found them to be.  I knew I should have taken my camera with me because that tree would’ve been worthy of a month’s page on a calendar.

The photo I posted last night was of a red cedar which is the only native evergreen to Iowa.  Believe it or not, I planted that tree when it wasn’t more than six inches tall.  I trans-planted it from my yard to a very dear old friend’s yard some years ago who has since passed. As chance would have it, her birthday is today, and I’m sure she’s looking down and smiling at her beautiful red cedar.  You may have wondered why its branches appeared more tight and uniform.  Well, I must say it was due to yours truly keeping those “sucker” branches trimmed back so it would fill itself in.  I’ll tell you for certain, if you want to have deer-proof evergreens, plant red cedar trees.  They won’t eat them because their needles are too hard and sharp.  It’s most likely that reason alone they’ve survived all these centuries in “Deerland”.

The above photo is of the home I spoke about last evening.  It’s located at 321 S. Carolina Ave. here in Mason City.  If any one of you are looking for one of the best built mid-century ranches, this one is by far at the top of my list. Of course it’s all about location as well.  I’m not looking for it to be on the market due to location, price, condition, and quality of construction.  Tell friends and relatives so we can git-er-done!

Tonight’s one-liner is:  I can live for three months on a good compliment.

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