Educated into Gold

I’m still wondering where this week went.  I know I was busy, but to the point of waking up this morning in disbelief that it was Friday, was an unusual happening.  I suppose if I went and looked back at my calendar, the memories would be resurrected, but doubtful I would because it was a roller-coaster I’ll not want to ride again any time soon.

There was a scary situation at the back alley today where one of the not so very old knee braces attached to one of those monster electric poles belonging to Alliant Energy having snapped and leaving high voltage wires hanging sideways.  There must’ve been five large Alliant Energy trucks back there with numerous workers scurrying about while attempting to get those wires back in place.  They even had Commercial Alley blocked off for hours.  I didn’t walk back there before leaving the office for the day, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s all they did was put a “bandaid” on the problem for now.  I’m sure they had to order a new support member.  I can’t imagine what caused it to break unless that support was defective before it was installed.  Having a great respect/fear of live wires, I cringed when seeing those guys all the closer to those hot wires in their lift buckets.

I listed another Prairie Place on 1st Condominium unit today, along with hopes it’ll sell soon.  It’s a main floor unit which offers sky-high ceilings.  There are only two units left to sell on the 1st floor.  Having taller ceilings, gives a “feel” of more volume with those units which comes as no surprise there being only two left.  Be sure to pass the word along because when the last of them are sold, there’ll be a number of seniors saying, “I should have, I could have, and I would have.”  I learned long ago that the older we get, the more set in our ways we become–especially if we’ve lived in the same home or apartment for a number of years.

Yesterday afternoon I became exceptionally cross with an agent for not calling to tell me her buyer decided not to look at my client’s home.  About 15 minutes past the hour they were to be there, I received a call from the seller asking why they hadn’t arrived.  Of course, I immediately called the agent’s cell phone which tripped over to an annoying voicemail.  I left a message, and about an hour and a half later she called giving me a weak excuse why her courtesy call wasn’t made.  One of my statements to her was, “How would you like it if you were a seller driving around waiting for someone to look at your home, and finally hours later hearing they weren’t coming?”  I scolded her again by saying, “And you wonder why the general public has mixed feelings about Realtors.” I understand if a showing should be a last minute “fly-over “of a vacant home, but if it’s occupied, there’s no reason for such dis-regard when living in the age of cell phones.

I’m in hopes I’ll have a new listing posted tomorrow afternoon, and certainly shocked if it doesn’t go under contract right out of the gates.  The three reasons for the likely quick sale is, location, location, location.  I’ve been in some very well built homes over the years which prompts me to believe it’s near the top of my list of all those many I’ve inspected.  After it’s sold, there’ll be some envious buyers who had their opportunities, but waited too long.  Be sure to check my website thru-out the day tomorrow should you be in the market for a rock-solid home that’ll be priced to fit nearly everyone’s budget.

It looks like we’re getting some heavy rain this evening which we need like a hole in the head.  As our field corn comes to the end of its life cycle, this type of rain is definitely not good.  I guess we must continue being thankful for the moisture we do get when seeing how all the many areas of our Country and the world continue to be drought-stricken.  The way this storm is acting, I wouldn’t be surprised if we get hail.

Wishing you all a delightful evening, but do stay out of the puddles.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  You’ll finally come to the understanding that everything has its limits after discovering iron ore cannot be educated into gold.

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