Come Set a Spell

At least half of my day was spent working on two files which consisted of the potential sale of a home which did happen today, and the other being a closing that’s coming up next week.  The two of them needed all the more work than normal due to the complexity and number of people involved.  I again reminded myself that too many cooks spoil the soup.  I’m happy I was able to get both of them to a manageable point.

One of my appointments took me to a property needing a bid on replacing a furnace exhaust vent which had rusted out, along with adding central air to the home.  Since I knew the HVAC contractor well enough, I couldn’t help but share some stories with him about the shenanigans of several other HVAC companies which I, along with others had to deal with over the years.  I said, “Those HVAC people have no idea how well I remember the things they’ve done to others as well as myself, and I’ll freely give my opinions regarding their honesty and integrity.”  I went on to remind him how small this community is, and word will travel all the faster whenever innocent consumers are wrongly affected.

Just this morning I had a very good conversation with a highly educated and seasoned businessperson who would make a great senior advocate.  Since he threw the idea out there for my opinion, I didn’t hesitate to give him the encouragement needed to fill a real need that’s here in North Iowa.  The reason the need is here, is that we have an aging population that’s adding more seniors to our ranks, but most of them don’t have any immediate family living in Iowa.  We must remember there are very few college graduates who make the choice to return to North Iowa after their higher education is finished.  Most re-locate to metro areas where the jobs are, and more sooner than later start planting roots of their own to where their visits to parents and grandparents living here in North Iowa grow less frequent.  They’re not to be blamed, because that’s just the way it’s been, and will continue to be.  I do hope the gentleman I spoke with this morning does look closer at being a professional senior advocate.

The rest of my day was spent showing homes and running necessary time-sensitive errands.  While out and about, I ran into a man whom I’ve know since my high school years.  He insisted I follow him to his garage to see his restored 1955 Chevy which he claims he purchased from one of my family members over 40 years ago. Since he had it painted a different color, all I could say was, “If this is the car, its original color was a lighter blue.”  He agreed it was, and then went on to tell me about his meticulous restoration.  I always like seeing old cars restored to their original state.  You can keep all those chopped up hot rods made out of old Fords and Chevy bodies.

I had to place a call to a colleague who owns her own real estate company in Britt. I’ve had transactions with her, and I can say she’s quite the professional.   The last time I visited with her, was at a real estate seminar where she shared photos and stories of the trip she made to Haiti to help with some free dental work offered to under-privileged children.  Seeing those photos tore at my heartstrings.  I couldn’t have complimented her enough for sharing her time and talents with the needy.

With that said, I’m putting a plug in for one of her listings here in Mason City with tonight’s photo being of that particular home.  It’s located 115 S. Connecticut which is in our “Cultural Crescent”, and only steps away from the library, museum, and our Historic Downtown.

Since I personally knew the previous owners, I can say anyone who does decide to purchase it, is getting a very well restored and maintained home.  When I found out today that it’s still on the market, I was dumbfounded.  There’s absolutely no reason it hasn’t sold other than I’m of the belief there aren’t enough young professionals aware it’s still available.  It’s now reduced to $187K and worth every penny.  You may think me exaggerating when I say, “If I were a young professional, I’d be buying that home in a New York second.  If you know anyone who you think may like this home, please tell them about it, and if nothing else, go to and take a look at the photos she has posted.  The few times I was in that home, I’d get a very grounded feeling along with “hearing” it’s back porch quietly calling for someone to come set a spell.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Clothes make the man, but naked people have little or no influence on society.

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