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It looks like Fall is around the corner with the leaves already beginning to turn yellow.  I was being a little vocal with one of the people Downtown over the exceptionally poor choice of trees that were planted along with the pavers used on the Streetscape Project.  First of all, Locust trees would have been my very last choice for curbside plantings.  Their branches break every time the wind blows, they do not grow uniformly, and above all, their leaves come flying in the doors of offices and retail spaces whenever the wind is blowing.  In some States, Locust trees are considered invasive.

My very big gripe are those horribly manufactured pavers that Country Landscapes installed.  The first time I looked at them I thought, “Oh no!  These things look far too porous.”  Well, unfortunately I was right.  Some of the sidewalks are nothing more than trip hazards.  As far as I’m concerned, Country Landscapes along with the architects who gave the “nod” on using them, should be made to pay for ripping them all up and pouring new concrete in those troughs, or get something far more durable like formed granite, and replace them.  It’s likely a good thing I’m not in City or County administration, because there’d be some serious accountability going on with those sub-contractors and architects.  I clearly remember saying to one of those architects at the time, “You have to remember we are in a much different climate zone than Des Moines, and our temperatures are far more extreme than where you live.”  Did they listen?  No.  The effects of our near un-stoppable wind makes a big difference when building something that has to endure the elements–especially during the winter.

I received another price reduction on 1104 – 16th St. NE today.  We now have it at $32,500.  It’s well over $10,000 less than the assessed value!  It’s times like these when I become internally frustrated with our younger crowd.  That home will do nothing but make money for someone willing to fix it up and rent it out, or do a flip.  There was a buyer that looked at it earlier this week who for some reason didn’t jump on it, but I simply dispensed with him because he buys stuff I wouldn’t even bother with. I’ve seen his work, and it reminded me of someone putting lipstick on a pig.  I’m sure you’re all thinking, “If it’s that good of a buy, why doesn’t he buy it himself?”  Without a doubt, I have more than enough to keep me busy than working on another house, and besides, I’m not of the mindset of wanting it all.  I’d rather see others make a go of it.

My public open house at 929 N. Madison was a success to where there were people in attendance nearly the entire time.  I usually bring something to read with me, and all I got finished was one page of a my favorite weekly magazine “The Economist”.  That too is a home priced to sell. It’s located on the prettiest of streets, it’s brick, has a main floor family room, and a newer double garage off a paved alley.  We had it sold once, so hopefully, the second time will be the charm.

I did take time to run over to Younkers to poke thru their sale items.  I found a few things in the men’s department which was pretty much emptied, but there sure is a great deal of women’s clothes left to sell.  I’m still sad over their closing because I’ve purchased from them for more years than I want to remember.  It’s just one more example of what Amazon is doing to our brick and mortar stores.  But, I also blame all of our non-community minded residents all over the Country for not supporting their local stores.  Without a care, you can be sure Jeff Bezos is laughing all the way to his bank.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  The lack of incentive is often mistaken as laziness.

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