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The dew was very heavy this morning which didn’t surprise me considering how humid it was yesterday.  While on the phone this morning with a client, the subject of the amount of rain we’ve had so far this year came up in conversation.  I’m not sure if any of you remember a Fall a number of years ago when we had a torrential rain before the corn was ready to be picked.  During that storm, the wind was far stronger than normal, and when I went to work the next morning, I noticed huge areas in cornfields where the wind laid the corn almost flat on the ground.  I’m sure getting that picked was an effort, and certainly there must’ve been a lot of corn left on the ground.  I’m mentioned it because of my fears we may have a repeat of it this Fall.

I’m getting so I don’t even want to read the world news due to the number of natural disasters that are taking place around the globe.  If it’s not flooding, it’s drought, and if it’s not forest fires, it’s earthquakes, and above all, the rising temperatures.  I’ll not be surprised if there were many international daily records broken this year.

Seeing how the tit for tat tariffs are evolving between the United States and other countries, I’m all the more convinced we absolutely must all begin working at self-sufficiency. I’ll be very happy to see those many closed-up factories re-opening again.  What I’m really pushing for is “home grown” products and services.  To “Yell” with Amazon along with all the other on-line retailers who’ve contributed to the closing of Younkers and Penny’s.  I personally loathe buying things online because the few times I have, the items were never as good purported.  Above all, I believe in supporting commerce in North Iowa as much as possible.

My new listing at 1619 S. Coolidge is getting activity on it already, and I’m hoping it’s going to sell quickly.  It’s pretty hard trying to find something below $75K in good shape and in an acceptable location.  I wish I had that garage with it’s big loft area.  There’s no better place to store something other than a well ventilated attic.  Speaking of attic’s, I happened to see a few items at a home today that looked just like new which were pulled out of an attic.  They’d likely been there from the time the long-term owners moved there.

I have about five pre-listings waiting for the sellers to have them readied for the open market.  I was shocked these past days to see that Dr. Beck sold all his rental properties as one package deal which were nearly all in the hospital area.  What shocked me all the more were the VERY LOW prices he took for them.  I’m sure the investor who purchased them will be laughing all the way to the bank every month when depositing the rents off them.  I will NEVER EVER understand why people with a great deal of money simply dump their hard assets when they grow tired of them–and it’s usually an “insider” deal that’s meant to be kept quiet until it’s all over.  It’s not fair to the average buying public who are looking for solid homes in good areas which they can call their own.  I guess when you have that much money, and so far above the needs and wants of the general public, you make poorly thought-out decisions.

After reading one of the letters to the editor in today’s trashy Globe Gazette, I’m all the more convinced there are a handful of people living in our midst who have absolutely nothing better to do than bash others while fanning the fires of their illusory conspiracy theories.  The Globe Gazette should be ashamed of itself for publishing such tripe.  After reading that letter today, it comes as no surprise how many North Iowas have permanently cancelled their subscriptions.  Why buy the Globe when you can turn on Fox News and get streaming “fake news” all day long?

The above photo is of a clump of blooming Lady Slippers.  Aren’t they beautiful?

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Any idiot can face a crisis–it’s day to day living that wears you out.

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