Two Acorns

Oh Mercy!  It was quite the hot one today until the rain arrived.  Thank goodness the wind changed directions and it started blowing from the north.  My car’s thermometer read 98 degrees not long before it started raining.  Theres hot days and warm nights have been perfect growing conditions for the field corn.  If the “knee-high by the 4th” rule still applies, I’d say the corn is doing exceptionally well. I noticed a field today that would likely be up to my shoulders.  With all the hybridization and recent genetic modifications of corn, I’d say it may look like corn, but it’s far more modified than most would ever imagine.

Once upon a time during my high school years, I was very much into Botany. Trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables, and even common weeds fascinated me.  My mother didn’t have a problem with me spending extra time with my little growing hobbies as long as my regular chores were done.  Since I knew my mother always enjoyed roses, I made a point to create a rose bed for her on one side of our home.  Growing roses in North Iowa is an on-going battle.  Every time I see a rose garden here in the City, I’d like to go up and knock on the owner’s door and say, “Most have no idea how much work you put into keeping your roses healthy–especially if they’re survived a number of our winters.”

One summer when I was likely sophomore age, one of my mother’s sisters came to visit from out East along with her two youngest children.  They stayed at one of my aunt’s homes, but one Sunday they came out to the farm for an afternoon visit and subsequent meal.  During a conversation, my mother called me into the room and asked if I would show my aunt her rose garden and a few other flowerbeds which I managed.  She willing went out for a tour, and of course she was amazed at the beauty, but she said something later to my mother which didn’t set very well with her.  I was told after they left that my aunt made an uncalled for remark about me which went something like, “I think Joe may possibly be hyperactive.”  After thinking about it, she was likely comparing me to her two children who were quite visibly laking incentive, or shall I be wicked and say they were suffering from chronic cases of laziness.

There were two messages from Realtors today wanting to show several of my listings, so I made sure to get them arranged before I went off to do some putzing.  There were two huge raspberry bushes I purchased on sale yesterday that needed planting which I managed to get in the ground before the rain arrived.  There were rocks to be removed, sticks to pick up, and some raking to be done, and all the while I was sweating like a butcher.

While I was preparing the holes for those raspberries, I discovered two healthy baby oaks that were maybe a year old.  I couldn’t just leave them where they were because they were next to a building, so I carefully dug them up, found the perfect places for them to start their new lives.  After I got them re-planted, I felt much better about my idea that if we have to take a tree down, we should always replace it with another.  Since I had to take two huge trees down this summer, I’ll have to make sure those two make it thru this season and our coming winter.

While walking past a Red Oak tree today, I noticed some if its branches were forming acorns.  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take the above photo of one of its branches and its two acorns.  Aren’t they cute?  Whenever I see acorns, I’m always reminded of a very good book I read some years ago called, “The Soul’s Code”.  If any of you are curious about noticeable patterns that take place within families and society in general,  I’d encourage you to get a copy and read it.

I hope you’re all enjoying your holiday.  When I drove thru East Park this afternoon, it looked like a big family gathering was taking place in one of the larger shelter houses.  It appeared they were busy creating memories to be cherished.

Tonight’s one liner is:  When in your darkest hour, and after all but one has left the room, you’ve discovered your friend indeed.

Joe Chodur

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