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I’m sure everyone was pleased to see the sun today instead of the overcast skies we seem to have been cursed with this summer.  I can say for sure the weeds are sure liking all this rain and humidity.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many healthy weeds around our City.  For most, it’s been a battle just to keep their yards mowed.  My prediction was completely off when earlier this year I thought our coming summer was going to be hot and dry.  I had to laugh when someone from out of State asked if we have to water our yards during the summer.  This year I believe our worries are more about getting rid of excess water instead of looking for more.

One of my long time clients stopped by my office today to show off her new vehicle.  I was a bit surprised to find it being a 2019 model.  It appears the new cars are coming on the market every year all the earlier.  She seemed happy with it and I guess that’s all that matters.  I’m seeing more people in North Iowa going to the taller four wheel drive vehicles.  It’s no surprise considering the winters we’ve been having–especially the ice.  I’m of the opinion that if someone’s worked very hard for what they have all their lives, it’s time to start splurging a little as rewards for their years of toil.

As a by-product of all these recent rains, there’ve been some real issues having taken place with homes that were under contract that took in water prior to their closings.  I’m sure there were some very angry sellers who believed their homes were sold, but later finding their buyers backing out of their transactions due to water in their basements.  Fortunately, my office hasn’t had any of those experiences, and hope they never come to pass because it can get pretty ugly.

These basement water problems is just another confirmation that whenever building a home, one should be near 100% certain that its foundation is built as waterproof as possible before even thinking about having any finished rooms down there.  The homes that I have listed with finished basement, haven’t taken in water, and I’m exceptionally happy about that.

I spent several hours with another out of State buyer this afternoon.  She’s just one more example of the pattern we’ve been finding these past ten years.  Those out of town buyers are growing older, their children are gone, and now they’re seeing the possibility of living out their golden years in a quieter and gentler community where they can be closer to relatives and old friends.  As I said to the woman today, “When coming to North Iowa from expensive metro areas, it’s like walking into a candy store where everything is half price or less compared to where they’re coming from.”  I do have to educate them a little more about pricing and locations since they’re not familiar with our popular, and not so popular districts.

Just for everyone’s information, I was informed today that beginning July 1st, all rental units are to have carbon monoxide detectors in hallways next to their bedrooms.  I won’t be a bit surprised if I see the prices on them going up this next month.  The law of supply and demand as well as greed will be kicking in once again.

There’s going to be a full moon tonight which means there’ll be all the more police calls.  There are many nay-sayers regarding any measurable differences in people’s mindsets, but if you talk to seasoned law enforcement officials, they’ll have some stories to tell.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  What we are seeing now is that greed is still alive and kicking, and banks are bigger than ever.

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  • John C. Heidenreich says:

    I think the moon has a noticeable effect on people! Just don’t ever go to Wal-Mart on a full-moon night unless you are very brave or foolish. I’ll probably go tonight, in the name of science/boredom.