A Full Understanding

My first little job of the day was to play the organ and piano at St. Paul Lutheran Church here in Mason City.  Since I’d been so busy with work these past weeks, I had nearly no time to practice the hymns they supplied me earlier this month.  Thank goodness I had time to run thru them before today’s Service started.  I was surprised the music sounded better than I’d expected.  Afterwards, I remembered a long-time instrumental teacher once saying to me, over-practicing is often worse than not enough–especially before a concert.  Perhaps there was more truth in what he said.  I even managed to pound out Panis Angelicus by Cesar Franck as a prelude.  If I keep working on it, I’m confident it’ll be a regular of mine.  One of the members told me it was one of her favorites.

After their Service was over, Pastor Everest came up to the gallery and gave me some handouts for their Service in the Park next Sunday, the1st of July, and taking place in East Park’s band shell.  After the service, there’s going to be a meal provided, and all their asking from the public, is to bring our own table setting.  The gathering is being put on by three area Lutheran Churches which are, St. Paul Lutheran, Our Saviour’s Lutheran, and Galilean Lutheran Church from Clear Lake.  Unless I have something exceptionally urgent that morning, I’ll be attending their Service and meal.  It’ll be fun to meet the other ELCA Lutheran Church members who’ll be there.  The reason I’m speaking of this, is that Pastor Everest is encouraging anyone from the public to attend.

The remainder of my day was spent playing catchup with outdoor jobs that have been too long in the waiting due to all the rain we’ve received.  I’m really growing weary of these near daily showers.  It even rained a little bit this morning before I started working, and now this evening, I can hear thunder in the distance.  I was going to take the East Park shortcut to State Street, but was forced to turn around because the City had the gates closed.  I was shocked to see Willow Creek almost up to the top of its banks.  Where in the world is all that water coming from?  Speaking of water, don’t forget about tomorrow night’s FEMA and DNR informational meeting at the library.  They’ll be reviewing the new flood maps that are going into effect this year.  I understand there’s been some changes made to them, so it’s best we get ourselves familiarized.

Since I was out and about quite a bit today, I happened to pay all the more attention to many of the homes up and down streets.  What surprised me, was seeing so many of them in need of sprucing up.  It made me wonder if all the more homeowners are either growing all the lazier, or more strapped for repair and improvement funds.

What I believe many of our economists and statisticians are afraid to make clear to the general public, is the weak sustainability of the average citizen in these times.  When finding more parents and grandparents helping their young relatives with down payments on their homes, it makes me wonder what’ll happen if there’s a job loss, or an unexpected break-down in those homes of something mechanical, and most certainly expensive.  As I’ve said before, personal finances should be a required course in high schools across our Nation.  It’s always best to purchase when there’s a full understanding of homeownership.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Apple pie without cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze.

Joe Chodur

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