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Thank goodness the light rain we received was not enough to create anymore havoc in North Iowa.  Every day I’ve been hearing all the more unfortunate end results of those storms.  I was told just today, there were over 50 water heaters sold at one plumbing supplier, and likely Menards is sold out until their next shipment comes in.  Those new- fangled high-tech water heaters have to be trashed if they should happen to get submerged in water high enough to reach their electronic components.  Crazy isn’t it?  Our governments and manufacturers are making all the sillier requirements on household appliances.

Speaking again of household appliances, what would we do during the winter if our electricity goes out.  Our furnace and gas stoves have electric ignitions on them, and when there’s no electricity being supplied, they won’t work.  I don’t even want to think about what would happen to thousands of households in North Iowa if they were without power for even 24 hours during below zero winter days.  It wouldn’t be a bad idea for people to have either back-up generators or stand-by wood burning systems that would at least provide enough heat to keep their homes’ water pipes from freezing. Don’t you think it’s better to prepare for the worst while hoping for the best?

My day went by with a “whoosh” to the point in time when I looked at the clock and discovered it was after closing hours.  One of my appointments today was to go with a buyer to check out a house that’s under contract, so to inspect it for any serious water damage in its basement.  Thank goodness there wasn’t anything near what was expected.  If we’re going to be getting rains like we’ve had in the future, I’d say to all those who had measurable amounts of water in their basements this past week,  “It’s high time every one of you invest in having pits dug and sump pumps installed.”  If it were me, I’d be purchasing one of the more expensive ones with battery back-ups, which goes back to what happens if our power lines go down.

Speaking of power lines down, now that enough time has passed,  I recently had a falling tree take down my power line.  After being on hold with Alliant Energy for an hour, I finally got thru to them.  Their crew finally arrived a little after 11:00 pm and wouldn’t you know it, they wouldn’t re-connect it because of their change in policies.  To add insult to injury, another truck arrived about 3:00 am and was out in my yard making more than enough noise to raise the dead.  Again, I was told I had to call an electrician to re-connect my line.  The next day, my loyal and faithful electricians from Blazek Electric got me plugged back in just shortly after noontime, but I didn’t get re-connected to Alliant Energy’s precious power source until exactly 23 hours after that line came down.  Yes, it would’ve on been hours earlier if I didn’t have to wait for our evil Alliant Energy’s workers to re-connect me.

I’m proud to announce my new listing located at 741 – 10th St. NE here in Mason City.  I was exceptionally delighted when the owners called me, because I’ve admired their home for many years whenever driving down 10th Street.  It’s an exceptionally inviting home which I could “feel” from the moment I stepped inside.  It’s one of those homes that’s not too big and not too small, while also having two rare features, and those being a 1/2 bath and bedroom on its main floor.  Most homes of that vintage have only one bathroom on the second floor along with all their bedrooms.

I told the sellers today that it will likely sell quickly due to how well they’ve maintained and improved it, and above all, it being only two short blocks from our municipal swimming pool and East Park which is our City’s flagship when in comes to parks.  I’m planning a public open house on it this Saturday from 1:00 – 3:00 pm, and I assure you, all the buyers while pulling up to the curb, will find it a real eye-catcher.  I believe we have it priced to sell at $117,500.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Those who sit around waiting for God, are usually the last to go.

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