Doing is Beginning

Well, another first happened today.  In all my years of living in our fair City, I’ve never ever seen so much rain in a 24 hour period.  Everyone said it was a lesser amount than the Flood of 2008, but I disagree.  The flood of 2008 was due not only to the rain we received, but all the more that Winnebago County and the County above it in Minnesota had, which sent likely millions of gallons of water down the Winnebago River, and when it co-mingled with Mason City’s swollen streams, it was more than the banks could handle, so up and over it poured.  It’s kinda creepy knowing that the Flood of 2008 happened on this day exactly ten years ago.

I have a litmus test of sorts with rain water in an area creek, and I’d say without a doubt, it’s never been as high as it was today.  Let’s just hope we don’t get any strong winds anytime soon, because with the ground so saturated, there’ll be all the more trees dropping over.  Even now, mess from the last two storms haven’t been fully cleaned up.  The basements of homes I was in today all had little streams of water running to their drains, which leads me to my next big pet peeve.

I can’t begin to tell you all how many times I’ve seen neighbors of homes that I’ve shown or had listed, who intentionally divert their downspouts towards their neighbor’s yards, foundations, and driveways.  Just last month, I noticed a very large extended downspout running along my clients fence which was creating a wash and subsequent puddling in her rear yard.  I insisted she either confront her neighbor about it and/or call the City because that’s a major no-no.  That particular neighbor appears to be all about his little fiefdom, while being completely thoughtless and disrespectful of his neighbors.  Just happening to know his area of work, I’d say he was a very poor judgement call for his position when hired.  If I were his boss, I’d ask for another psychological review, due to his line of work.

Our office is having two public open houses this weekend.  Mine is going to be tomorrow at 1141 – 14th St. SE which is an absolute beauty that’s listed at $369,500.  Brandon Neve is having an open house on Sunday at 1137 Manor Drive which is listed at $159,900.  They’re fully primed and ready to sell, and both located in Mason City’s popular southeast side.  Tell friends, co-workers, and relatives.

When visiting with one of my well-knowns several days ago, we happened on the subject of all the crazy weather happenings around the world which prompted me to mention Edgar Cayce’s prophecy regarding the changing of our earth’s cycle which supposedly happens every 5,000 years.  What I remember the most about this business of 5,000 years, is that when the time comes for the change, the years just before it does happen, our earth will experience all the more violent storms and natural disasters.   After relaying it, I think both eyebrows were raised, and likely thinking me growing a little on the wacky side, but I was only relaying what I read a number of years ago.

Have you all noticed how many more biting flies we have this year?  I have no idea what’s causing it because it’s too early for them, along with there being all those many more which are super-aggressive.  Of course yours truly happened to find three flea bites from heaven knows where on his legs.  For me they’re a hundred times worse the mosquitos, which I can thank my gene pool for passing on to me.  I’m always thankful to have a bottle of calamine lotion handy, or I’d be scratching myself silly.

Here’s wishing you all a wonderful weekend with hopes that no one will be caught in a rainstorm tomorrow.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed in hopes it goes around us.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  The hardest part of doing is beginning.

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