The Carnival’s in Town

Once mid-morning arrived, I found most of our public more focused on our three day weekend that’s coming up, rather than paying attention to the present.  One example was a young woman backing out of a driveway she was turning around in and not even noticing I was almost right there with my car, along with it being too narrow of a street for me to go around her.  I stopped and waited for her, and when she finally noticed me, she acted as though she’d done absolutely nothing wrong.  And of course she was driving with one hand on the wheel and the other holding her “precious” smart phone in such a fashion of it being her most prized possession.

Around mid-afternoon, I decided to drive out to several job sites to see how several projects were going.  At the first site, the contractor was quick to apologize for not having more accomplished due to one of his recent hires deciding to just walk off the job because he thought it was too much work, and of course he was in his early twenties.  We both ended up agreeing that there’s going to be a real kicking back of society’s “pendulum” due to the way many of our young appear to consider themselves entitled.

I’ll never stop insisting that most of their parents are to blame.  They wanted their children to be their best friends instead of creating role models and ethical standards for them to learn and follow.  I would say nearly all extended families have stories to tell about huge judgement calls they made with their children, which came back to haunt them in later years.  Yes, there are always those few “bad seeds”, but the rest of them were just plain and simply spoiled.  In spite of it all, I continue to have hope for a turnabout with the way our young view themselves and the world around them because if there’s no re-booting of mindsets, who’ll be there to take care of their aging parents?

Our office is hosting two public open houses tomorrow.  The first one will be covered by my agent Brandon Neve, and its address is 1137 Manor Drive.  It’s a very well built 3+ bedroom ranch located in the popular southeast side of our City.  The upgrades the current owners recently made are well above average.  It’s rear yard is to die for during these summer months.  It was just reduced to $159,900 which brings it all the closer to being sold.  My favorite part of this home is its over-sized kitchen/dining area with sliding doors to the rear yard.

The second open house is one I’ll be hosting which is located at 40 Lakeview Drive.  If anyone’s looking for waterfront, this home has it, along with all the more features you’ll not find elsewhere.  The lower level’s upgrades were exceptionally well-planned and meticulously executed.  Of all the homes I’ve been in that have walk-out lower levels, this one’s certainly at the top of my ” The Best” list.   I’ve even been getting calls from out of State buyers on it which is no wonder because that’s all we’re asking is $276,000.  Just remember, people coming from metro areas consider Mason City a bit of a bargain basement candy store when comparing our prices to theirs.

I took a few minutes out of my afternoon to snap a photo of the carnival that’s already started in the parking lot of City Hall.  All the young ones were beginning to line up for some hair-raising rides.  Yes, the carnival’s in town, so grab a kiddie or two and go make yourselves some memories.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  “You are the past, present, and future.”  Doesn’t that sound like something a student of morphic resonance would say?

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