Shelter Number 1

I was surprised to find it raining this morning.  I certainly feel sorry for those who live in low-lying areas.  The ground is still very saturated in those areas to where I’m sure the farmers are having issues trying to get their planting done.  Someone just told me today they nearly got their tractor stuck in a low spot on their farm.

One of my dear clients came to my office to re-list the acreage she owns just outside Lake Mills.  We had it on the market last year, but wasn’t able to get it sold, so this time around, I’m confident it will sell considering how well the acreages have been moving in North Iowa this season.  One thing most don’t realize, is the overall size of it until they walk inside.  It’s off the road enough to where perception of square footage gets skewed.  If you, or anyone you know is looking for an acreage, please check out 1601 Winnebago Ave. outside Lake Mills, Iowa. It has absolutely gorgeous views of the countryside, and also very close to Rice Lake.

While out at a property today, I happened to run into a dear gentleman whom I’ve know off and on over these many years.  I actually sold his mother’s house who is one of the sweetest people.  I believe that family as a whole are just genuinely nice.  Of course they’re natives to our fair City which makes them all the more kindred to our community.  His mother’s home was sold to a young woman who couldn’t make the payments, so it went back to the bank.  The unfortunate thing about that foreclosed loan, was it being an FHA insured, which made it only available for purchase during a specified time frame to those who’d planned on living there. Well, at lease four years later, the home is still not occupied by the person who bought it, and it now looks like something you’d find in a ghetto.

The surrounding neighbors are up in arms about its exterior condition, but nobody in our City seems to want to do anything about it.  Back when it was listed as an FHA foreclosure, one of the neighbors wanted to buy it, simply to fix it up as a rental for one of her relatives, but I was bound to tell her she couldn’t until the waiting time was over for that “owner-occupant only” restriction.  As chance would have it, I ran into her at the grocery store about a month ago, and that’s all we talked about was how unfortunate it was that she didn’t buy it so to bring it back to its original glory.  The current condition of that home is yet one more example of how some of our government’s policies don’t work for the betterment of all.

While out driving down State Street today, I noticed people already having staked off seating areas at curb-sides for Saturday’s Band Festival parade.  The “carnies” have arrived and setting up their rides and concessions in the parking lot next to City Hall.  It looks like the weather’s going to be pleasant, so let’s all be prepared to have a great three day weekend.  You do know that Memorial Day weekend is supposed to be the “official” beginning of summer here in North Iowa, so let’s all plan on fully enjoying every one of its days.

While driving thru East Park, I was compelled to stop and take the above photo of Shelter No. 1.   From the time I was young, I’ve always loved East Park, and now even more so because of the number of improvements our City’s made on it over the years.  Seeing that shelter house brought back fond memories of years gone by, and certainly glad to see it has withstood the many weights of time.  The last gathering I attended in Shelter Number 1, was quite a memorable evening while seated in front of its roaring fireplace.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Wishing things away is not effective.

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