It was another day of juggling hours between my real estate job and getting another four hours of continuing education completed. I’m not sure if I’m going to do another 1.5 days of classroom hours back-to-back again–especially if they’re scheduled anywhere near the first or last of the month.

Today’s required course was “Ethics” which I’ve always wished to be a mandated yearly course for everyone to complete, to where perhaps some of the naughty monkeys doing business would finally learn something about providing goods and services in more ethical fashions. I’d come to the conclusion years ago that there are those who either don’t know any better, or there’s something greatly missing in their core consciences.

I couldn’t help but make a few poignant remarks about some un-named people who created hurtful situations in the past. For some strange reason, one of the students turned around and gave me the dirtiest of looks. I couldn’t help but later wonder if that person believed my comment was specifically meant for the one who so quickly gave me the evil eye. Oh well, if I’d somehow innocently struck a chord, then I guess those words must’ve resurrected memories of a past reprehensible act.

In spite of being away from my office all morning, I did manage to get two closings completed, and being exceptionally happy both buyers were smiling while walking out of their closings. In turbulent times like these, I can’t be thankful enough for having the opportunity to work with so many darned nice people.

One of my appointments took me out to a tenants’ home who were oblivious to the number of rental termination notices they were personally served by the owner of their dwelling. After about 90 days of having their heads buried in the sand, they finally pulled their heads out after discovering the owner did mean business with their eviction by taking it to a higher, and far uglier level.

There’ll never be a time when someone will be able to convince me that free housing is a right. Perhaps there are all the many more in our general public who’ve grown far too comfortable with all the “safety nets” our State and Federal governments provide. It’s been said for generations within my family circle that idle minds and hands soon become the workshops of devils.

Without bringing up my class today, I happened to be in conversation with a well known about dark-minded professionals moving here to milk North Iowan’s of as much money as they can during their stay, and then sell their homes and move far out of State after announcing their early retirements. I spoke of one in particular who we both knew, along with mentioning how he took great financial advantage of trusting investors.

Before he went sailing off into the sunset, I got into his face and told him what a rogue he really was, along with assuring him that karma will be following him close behind so to someday settle the score.

Ethics has been around far longer than most believe, because it is derived from the Greek word, “Ethos”. The definition of ethos is: the distinguishing character, sentiment, moral nature, or guiding beliefs of a person, group, or institution. I like the “distinguishing character” of it because it gives us the incentive to stand out in our crowds in positively good ways. Are any of you standing out in your crowds?

Today’s one-liner is: Push yourself to the limit as often as possible.

Joe Chodur

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