In-appropriate Language

My day started earlier than normal due to a scheduled appointment.  I managed to get there in plenty of time without being rushed.  Everything went well, and I’m hoping my meeting with my new customer will be an incentive for him to take an active step in getting himself pre-approved for a loan so he can purchase a home.

Later this morning I made a large expenditure for piece of lawn and garden equipment.  It’s amazing how years pass so quickly where you think you’ve owned something for perhaps five years, and later find it’s 15+ years old.  Hopefully my new purchase will last just as long or longer.  And yes, I made sure it was made in America.  By the looks of it, that company doesn’t skimp on the quality of materials they use.  I was happy to find there are still companies here in the United States that continue to focus on quality.

A home I showed this morning is one which possesses three of the most important qualities, and they are, location, location, and location.  Since I’ve always considered myself a bit of a naturalist, I’d say both the buyer and myself were captivated by the abundance of natural beauty within that district.  Too many buyers are only interested in a home’s design, appeal, and its decorating/staging, but fail to see what its location has to offer.  Just remember, you can do anything you want to a home, but you can’t change it’s location, outside of having it picked up and moved elsewhere.

A young couple whom I’ve passingly known for about a year, are the type who proudly think they understand the whole business of home buying.  Knowing I’d likely never sell them something because they were too much connected to their inner circle of young friends, I heard several days ago they purchased a home.  Curious me looked it up, and thought, “You just purchased something that you will more sooner than later, hate yourselves for buying.”  It’s positioned on a postage stamp lot, with a busy street included.  In time, you’ll likely not find a green blade of grass on their lawn due to there being nowhere else to store all of their must-have “junk”.  I think that friendly agent who sold it to them forgot to mention something about location being a key factor in comfort and resale.

An early afternoon appointment took me over to Clear Lake for a meeting with a gentlemen who’s been working with a client of mine.  Whenever I’ve had any dealings with him, it’s always been all good.  He’s very intelligent, soft spoken, and exceptionally good at helping those need.  As I was walking out I said to him, ”I find you as always,  an officer and a gentleman.”  He’s another professional I’d like to clone and sprinkle around North Iowa.

I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few items tonight, and one of the checkers I hadn’t seen in some time came up to me while laughingly saying, “I shared your story about the biddy with one of my co-workers, and boy did she get a good laugh out of it.”

I’d nearly forgotten about my having told her my story of a happening many years ago when in my disgust with an employee of an association, I fervently called her a biddy as I was walking out in disgust over her chronic over-bearing ways.  Well, I got called on the big carpet over it for the craziest of reasons, because her superiors evidently didn’t know the definition of a biddy.

Not but a week later, I was accused of using foul language with her.  Well, in a sense I did, because a biddy is an old female fowl.  I think they even got the word foul mixed up with fowl.  But in truth, in the old days, people would refer to an older, annoying, and a bit of a trouble making woman, a biddy.

That un-necessary blow up was all due our home-grown citizens’ having all the weaker  grasp of our English language.  I’m finding while out in the general public, I must be careful with my choice of words, because if someone doesn’t know a particular word’s definition, they’ll automatically consider it foul, in-appropriate, and most certainly not politically correct language.  My lesson learned.

Today’s one-liner is:  Just believing something can make it happen.

Joe Chodur

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