Six Minutes of Sunshine

The weather certainly does have more of psychological effect on the general public than most would like to admit.  I quietly notice it when engaged in random conversations with people I see on a near daily basis. You can see it, hear it, and feel it.

The closings of my two sales today went smoothly as expected, along with discovering that I’d personally known the grandfather of one of the selling agent’s buyers.   When remembering him, I was once again reminded how many years I’ve been marketing real estate, and being ever thankful for those loyal and faithful customers.

There was a public farewell open house today for Ken Kline who’s our County Auditor that I made sure to attend this afternoon.  He’s taking a new position with the State, and will be commuting there on a weekly basis.  I’m already sad about him leaving, but it’s just one more opportunity for advancement, and I’m happy for him.

I’ve known him since before being elected Auditor, because he started selling real estate around the time I did.  During those years we were competitors, I had the upmost respect for him simply because he was a straight shooter who’d never stab anyone in the back just to get a listing or sale.  In truth, I’d say he was one of the most honorable agents I ever worked with.  It comes as no surprise he’s moving up the ladder of success.  Inside the going away card I soulfully wrote, “Wishing you always the Best…Along with your continued Success!”, and meant every word of it.

After picking up today’s newspaper, I was surprised to find my brother having hit the front page regarding the proposed Renaissance Mason City project.  After reading it, I was not surprised by my brother’s candid remarks.  I do laud him for being straight to the point instead of giving our readers purposely skewed statements that could be easily taken out of context like our Mr. Skipper does.  It irritated me a bit when the headline said, “Chodur”, and leaving off his first name.  Doesn’t Skipper know there are other Chodurs living here in Mason City and North Iowa?  I’m sure my exceptionally successful rural cousins along with my aunt living in Worth County took note of his omission.

I just happened to read on the international news that Moscow Russia had but a mere six minutes of sunshine during the entire month of December.  Having earlier spoken about how warm weather and especially sunshine, has an overall positive effect on humans, drove home my point all the more.  Perhaps this is why those in power in Russia are so manipulative and self-enriching.  Maybe that’s why their Oligarchs own sun-filled estates all over the world.

I had to laugh where someone being interviewed in Moscow about the weather said something like, “It’s all the fault of the West.”, while remembering how we in turn blame the Russians and/or the Chinese for things that happen here.  Yes, we all have to find someone or something else to blame.  I can’t even think how I would be if I would only see six minutes of sunshine in one month.  Let’s hope we’re never handed that opportunity.

Joe Chodur

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