Hell-bent Ride

Hell-bent Ride-1Another soft landing took place today with one of my listings, and just before we finished up with it, the buyer announced to everyone how much she enjoyed working with me because of my being very kind and helpful during the whole process of her purchase. I finally had to say, “Please. If you say anymore, I’m going to get teary-eyed.” Of course I had to respond by saying how wonderful she was to work with, and that I’d certainly be staying in touch with her.

As chance would have it, I managed to get another one of my listings sold today to an absolutely wonderful couple. They were a bit nervous about the whole purchasing process in the beginning, but I think now that their offer has been accepted, they’ll be finally getting a good night’s sleep after some recent half-sleepless nights. Yes, buying a home is a big step and worthy of being a decision that’s not to be made lightly.

Early this morning I had to return a phone call that I dreaded because even though many of us would like to accommodate the wants and needs of others, there are rules in place which restrict us from freely fulfilling someone’s wishes. I did my best to be as kind and gentle when communicating the bad news, so I’m hoping that person doesn’t think I was being personally punitive in any way, but rather following hard and fast rules that allow only rare exceptions. I made sure to extend my best wishes for the Holidays.

Later this afternoon another Realtor brought an offer in on one of my listings I’ve been really wanting to have sold and closed. I presented it to the seller and hopefully we’ll get it put together in the next day or two since we’re not that far apart on price. If I were a young person looking for my first home, I’d be jumping on it in a New York second because of the upside potential it has for future value, while being a great place to call home without having a monster mortgage to service every month. Even though they’re working with another Realtor, I do hope they get it because I’m near certain it’ll work hard for them for many years.

For some reason, my phone was overly touchy today where I actually made two “butt” calls without knowing it. Both times I got embarrassing return calls of which I had to apologize for having unknowingly made. So much for our evolving smart phones which for some reason, seem to be developing minds of their own. Computers really are growing all the more scary whether we want to admit it or not.

While taking a moment to read the online news today, I was again disturbed when reading about another missile being sent into space by North Korea. I’m beginning to wonder if their leader is suffering from a testosterone overload, along with the possibility of also being noticeably deranged. These are dangerous times in which we live due to one looming fact; there’s a rogue nation on our planet in possession of nuclear weaponry.

Without question, today was an exceptionally productive day. My utmost high was when I was able to get a few belly laughs out of several familiar stoics who were certainly in need of them. Don’t you think everyone should take a moment or two out of their day just to listen or read about someone else’s comical real-life adventures? The one I shared today was about my hell-bent ride on a horse. Too funny!

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