Fiscally Sound for our City

Fiscally-Sound-for-our-CityWe’re on the home stretch of entering the realm of December.  Yeah! November is over and no snow!  Since we live in the land of two seasons of Summer and Winter, we should just accept the fact that Winter begins the 1st of October and ends the 31st of March.  This year’s October and November was certainly not what I would’ve considered a normal Fall with the cold, rain, and wind being with us on a near daily basis.

Most of today was spent with call-ins, returning calls, accounting, visiting with sellers, and making appointments for other Realtors to show several of my listings.  The remainder was spent doing research and preparing for upcoming closings.   For some reason, today really didn’t feel like Monday, but rather a Tuesday or Wednesday.  I think perhaps it was because I was so busy yesterday that it didn’t seem like a Sunday where things slow down and I can do a little putzing.

It was also surprising in how many people from the general public sought me out just to ask my opinion regarding this hotel business with my brother Philip Chodur.  I make sure to tell everyone that he is his own person and I have no business interests with him, but consider myself free to speak my personal opinion regarding that hotel build-out just as though he were just another builder submitting a proposal.

After reading the online article in the Globe this afternoon regarding the results of the bidding process, any person that can do the math, should certainly see the exceptionally large dollar and liability difference between the two.  I’ve told everyone that if the City Council votes to move forward with Gatehouse instead of G8, then in my mind, there’s definitely something afoul going on that the general public is not privy to at this time.

I truly don’t like watching the City Council meetings on television because of some of the nonsensical things the general public say, as well as some of what comes out of the mouths of those seated on our Council.  After watching the last Council meeting, it was far too evident to not only me, but many others I spoke to, those illuminating one-sided thought processes that were taking place when several of them were speaking.  It seemed as though human logic was out the window a few times to where I actually looked at the screen and said, “Woah! You’re level of basic logic is out the window after hearing those words!”  In German one would say, “Du bist whol von Affen gebissen!”  It’s a real derogatory which loosely translates a message being, “After what you just said or did, I’d swear you were bitten by a monkey and infected with its intelligence.”  Those Germans can certainly be so wickedly cruel with their dark humor.

Not but two days ago someone snickered by saying to me, “You do remember what the plot of The Music Man movie was don’t you?”  I shook my head and said, “Not really because that movie was a dinosaur even when I was young.”  He shook his finger at me while smiling and said, “It was about a naughty salesman who came to River City to take advantage of their gullible citizens. So now you see, we do live in River City.”   Let’s just hope the City Council has regained its sensibilities while putting aside their personal agendas and vote on what’s the most fiscally sound for our City.

Joe Chodur

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