Mirror Twins

Mirror TwinsOh Mercy!  Was it ever the coldest today!  The low temps were bad, but that wind was enough to send everyone squealing, and of course I had to be out in it with appointments.   Much of my time today was spent working on a closing, setting up appointments for others, and showing a home I’m helping a client rent that’s located in Clear Lake.  I had an early one, and a late one, and while driving back after the late one, a delivery truck was riding my tail all the way back to Mason City.  I’d nearly forgotten how annoying bright lights from a big truck shining into one’s rear view mirror can be.  Next time I’ll stick with the four lane highway going over or back at night.

I was again deeply concerned about all four rental inquiries on that Clear Lake rental. Thus far, not one of them want any part of living in Mason City due to the bad reviews they’ve heard and read before they arrived in our area.  Like I’ve said very many times, “People moving here with a new job or transfer do a great deal of deep research on the demographics of North Iowa.” I’m sure not one of them will rent here in Mason City unless they absolutely have to, which makes me all the more disgusted with our resident rental barons.

Many may have thought I was being overly negative regarding that “vote yes” campaign, but in reality, it wasn’t the idea of making improvements in our Downtown at all.  My beef is that if we truly want to attract newbies to our fair town, we have to start changing its fiber.  Let’s face it, we don’t have near the number of young professionals, money spenders, and forward thinkers than other communities our size around our Nation possess.  There’s noticeably too much per-capita entitlement here.  Our “Town Fathers” know it, but will never admit to it.  There are always those litanies of weak excuses why we’re not attracting and keeping hard working, home buying, and tax paying residents.

On a personal note, someone told me several years ago that she would’ve never moved here if she knew the real fiber of Mason City before she purchased, because if she did, she would’ve continued to live out her life elsewhere.  Now that was a slap in our City’s face if I do say so myself.  After noticing the wind changing direction this evening, I’m hoping it’s going to be much warmer for my public open house tomorrow.  Being stuck at an open house with few in attendance is not what I call pleasant.  I’ll have to take a book with me just in case the weather is sour.

One thing I truly appreciate is learning something new as often as possible. I found out from a worker today that he’s an identical twin which has always fascinated me.  But the real eye-opener was when he told me he and his brother are “mirror” twins.  For some reason, I’d never heard of such before.  He proceeded to tell me that they are complete opposites and where he has a mole or birthmark on his body, his twin brother has the same, only on the opposite side.  He went on to say their likes are opposite, their fields of work are opposite, and even their general tastes are opposing.  Hesitating, I said, “Do you at least like him?” Thank goodness he does because that would’ve been quite the childhood experience for the two of them.  When I got back to the office I did a little online research and found that “mirror” twins often have their livers, pancreases, and even their hearts on the opposite sides.  According to the statistics, about one out of four identical twins are “mirror” twins. For sure, I learned something new today.

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