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Hey BuddySeems every day this week the rain arrived in spite of what the weather channel forecasted.  Irregardless of the weather, I did manage to make all my appointments and still have time to spare.  Like I said earlier, if this rain continues like it has been, there’ll be more than enough soil moisture for our trees and shrubs to survive over the winter.  I only hope it dries up enough for our area farmers to get the crops out of their fields.

I was on two different pre-listing appointments today, and now having inspected them, I can assure you they’ll both sell quickly if the owners take my advice regarding their pricing.  One of them will take some convincing due to his belief other homes in his neighborhood have sold for much more.  As far as I’m concerned, there’s far too many people stretching the truth about sale prices.

While driving back to the office I couldn’t help but think of a particular couple I worked with several years ago who were convinced their home was worth many thousands of dollars more than it really is. It’s now listed with one of my competitors, and unless there’s somebody out there who’s looking to freely throw money down a rat hole, that home will set there for months, years, and possibly decades before the decreasing value of the dollar would make it anywhere near worth what they’re asking.  I’m just glad I walked away from working with them when I did after they insisted their home was worth so much more. At the time, I thought they were making a joke when they told me what they were going to ask for it, but soon discovered they were dead serious.  Some day they’ll come to their senses and certainly find someone else to blame for their home not being sold for the price they wanted.

As chance would have it, I’m not having a public open house tomorrow because the home I’d planned on hosting open, wasn’t readied enough by the seller, so hopefully there’ll be another time slot free when it is prepared.  I’ll have to put those normal Saturday afternoon hours to work in other ways tomorrow.

One of my long known clients stopped by today to talk about a home he’s getting ready to sell.  If all goes well, it’ll likely be coming on the market in several weeks.  If it’s priced right, there’ll be people standing in line to purchase it due to it being in one of the “shortage” tiers of our market.  He’s an exceptionally good person whom I always enjoy spending time listening to his life stories.  To look at him, you wouldn’t think he’s as well read along with possessing a deep understanding of our world’s problems.  I’d nearly forgotten how much his perceptions of our ever-changing world and mine are very similar. After he left, I realized we’d been visiting for nearly two hours, but it sure didn’t seem that long.

The above photo is one I took of a beer truck parked out in front of my office this morning.  Since I happened to have my camera at hand, I snapped a photo of that young man with his stacked cases of beer.  I was tempted to step out and say, “Hey Buddy! Can you spare a Bud?”  I’m sure he would’ve thought me to be just another smart A double S working Downtown.

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