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Admiration SocietyWith the exception of a quick showing this afternoon, I was pretty much free to go back to some real menial labor, and at this hour, I’m feeling the physical effects of it.  Irregardless what anyone says, getting out and doing something physical is the best way to get one’s mind off their job and all the other day to day stuff that builds up in one’s mind.

Whenever I’m out and about on a Sunday, I see more people doing nearly nothing other than walking to the convenience store to buy junk food, or driving around aimlessly in search of something to kill time.  The real problem is that they’ve become blind to the world around them to where their yards look like Green Acres, and the insides of their homes and apartments look like they’ve not been cleaned in years. And young people wonder why they’re developing chronic diseases that the really old normally get.

I’m not bashing people who’re overweight, but there really are far too many children in our schools that are far too heavy for their years, and nobody seems to care.  When over-weight children reach adulthood, they’ll be facing an ongoing battle to loose weight which most finally give up and continue to put on the pounds.  I mentioned something to someone one day which really hit home when I said, “Whenever I have to buy a 50 lb sack of something, I have to work at carrying it, and even harder at getting it in my vehicle. Now just think what your world would be like if you suddenly found you have to carry that 50 lb sack around 24 hours a day.”  Now that’s just 50 lbs.  Just think what it must be like for those carrying 75 – 100 lbs more than their bodies were built to handle!

It seems we’re living in a country of excess.  As a whole, we eat too much, we drink too much, we are too sedentary, we take to many drugs, and finally, we refuse to do anything that has menial labor involved.  I just walked past a row of apartment houses today which are mostly occupied by people on Government assistance.  Oh Mercy!  The plastic bottles, candy wrappers, and empty chip bags were all over their yards.  To be so lazy and disrespectful of Nature and our City’s citizenry is beyond my scope of understanding.  As far as I’m concerned, our entitlement programs are in great need of an overhaul.  Nearly everyone is capable of doing something, and at least something for the common good is what they should be doing.

A well known of mine called today to vent over how much she’s upset with many of her friends and relatives who had agreed to help her with a move that’s coming up.  Sounds like nearly all of them have better things to do.  I know her well enough to say she’d give someone the shirt off her back if they asked.  After listening to her for a while I finally said, “Just remember a friend or relative in need is a friend or relative indeed.”

I then went on to say how honor and dependability has fallen by the wayside.  She and I are of the stripe who follow thru with what we agree to freely do for someone, and as far as I’m concerned, if the time comes when those I’ve done for turn down a request from me for help, then I psychologically show them the front door of my world, usher them out, and lock the door behind me.  I would like to start a club here in Mason City, and I want to name it “The Mutual Admiration Society”.  It would be a club/society where the members would be bound to an honor code of helping each other when in need.  Can you imagine how much easier the lives of those members would be?  Now expand your thoughts and think about all the good a Mutual Admiration Society would do for our City.

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