The More I Pretend

The More I Pretend-1Since I listed that acreage online late yesterday, there’s been a flurry of inquiries.  It comes as no surprise knowing how much of a shortage there is of modestly priced acreages on the market that don’t need a great deal of immediate work to be done.  Yes, the drive is a little longer from Mason City, but at least it’s all hard surface driving and the bulk of it via the Interstate. It’s a 20 – 25 minute drive depending on where you’re driving from in the City.  From my office, it’s around 25 if I take the Avenue of the Saints.  It won’t surprise me in the least if it gets sold very soon.

I’ve been working on a closing file that seems to have all the components of being ranked as one of the more difficult ones I’ve had in the last 12 months.  As they’ve often said, “Too many cooks spoil the soup.”  That saying holds very true with that file to where I’m hoping there’ll not be another cook walking into the “kitchen” before it closes.

When talking to one of my clients today, I couldn’t help but mention how very annoying the over-use of “yup” has become when communicating with the general public.  I said, “I can understand people using it around home and with close friends, but not in the world of business.”  I mentioned how today a business person responded with an accentuated “Yuuup” which was very annoying.  I’m not so sure if it was said in that fashion just to be annoying, or if it’s grown normal for that person.  I couldn’t help but share a few more annoying words people freely use in public.  She made me laugh when she said, “I use “yup” with some people as a form of put down just because of the way they’re speaking to me.”  Afterwards I thought, “I wonder if those people even considered it to be put down.”  Yes, the English language is definitely evolving.

I finally managed to get in touch with a gentleman who’s preparing his home for sale. The call was only made as a catch up as well as my being in full understanding of the workload he’s been enduring of late.  I’m glad things are settling down now so he and his wife can get back to focusing on preparing their home for sale.  I did assure him that when it does get listed, it’ll not be on the market very long since it belongs in that “hot” price range I’ve been following.

While at a convenience store this morning, I happened to run into dear one who always has something uplifting to share.   I told her she’s likely one of my kindred spirits because we look at the world similarly.   She was so afraid I was going to catch the cold she’s been battling these past several weeks until I said, “It appears you don’t have a fever, so I highly doubt you’re in a contagious state.”   She laughed and said, “No, I don’t but I just don’t want you to catch what I have.  I’m glad I ran into her so I could get a few more words of wisdom out of her.

After seeing enough discarded cigarette butt-seekers these last days, I finally said to one of the business owners Downtown, “Is it me, or are people becoming all the more destitute around here when seeing them collecting half-smoked cigarettes?”  He shook his head and replied, “The more I see it, the more I pretend it’s not happening.”  I walked away thinking, “There’s another one that prefers to take the stance of an ostrich.”   But remember, when an ostrich has its head buried, it makes it all the easier to pull out a tail feather or two.

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