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Complaint Box-1Another colder and more gray day has passed here in North Iowa as we continue to huddle closer to the heat vents and wishing it was all over.  I happened to loose my gloves yesterday, but fortunately they were returned by a client this morning after finding them where I suspected they’d been left.  It’s all part of having to keep track of one or two more things during these winter months.

Isn’t it funny how machines that work just fine during the pleasant months have ways of creating headaches when the freeze arrives?  I think many of the electronic devices we use were not created to be overly-stressed by these dramatic swings in our outdoor temperatures.  Of course most of our cell phones don’t want to work properly when left out in the cold for very long. I even had one heck of a time getting a porch door open because of there being a little water under it from our last rain that managed to freeze.  I was shocked today to see how fast our ground is freezing.  Without our seasonal insulating snow cover, the frost will likely travel deep underground, which means our soil will be frozen solid this winter and creating another chore in getting my yard signs in and out.

We’ve entered the time of year when after hours social and business gatherings are at their peak.  I’ve attended several of them already, and have a handful more that are coming up which will be a toss-up as to whether I’ll go or not.  It may sound a bit devilish of me to say, but as I’ve mentioned before, there’s too many times when people go to parties pretending to be someone they’re not.  They can be two steps out the door and be right back to the same nasty and greedy people they were before they flipped their phony “I’m nice” switches on upon entering.  It’s like being a guest at a masquerade ball because everyone’s real identities have been concealed.

There may be a new listing coming on the market tomorrow which I’ve already looked at about a month ago.  It’s in a good location, but does need some tender-loving-care which would be a calling card for someone wanting to build quick equity.  If it gets listed tomorrow, we’ll see if the buyers are still out looking as we’re approaching Christmas.  Maybe there’d be a contractor out there who’ll buy it as a gift for himself and do a “fix and flip”.  I’d rather not see it become part of a slumlord’s inventory.  As far as I’m concerned, they already have more than enough to take care of.

The sun and moon must’ve been in a position today that was conducive for heightening the urge for the humans to complain.  I don’t think it was even light out yet this morning when someone called to complain about the silliest of things.  I couldn’t even have a peaceful lunch without having to listen to a group at the next table venting their gripes.  Before the day was over, I was ready to have my very own streamlined custom complaint box built with a sign on it reading, “If it’s really worth complaining about, please fill out the form provided, but think first before inserting, because possible action may be taken!”

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