Tested their Tasties

Tested their Tasties-1Yeeow!  This cold snap has really got us all running for cover—especially with the wind continuing to blow.  I think it’s actually starting to die down, so perhaps it did decide to lazily quit as the sun went down.  Having several quick stops to make, I couldn’t bring myself to shutting my car off and coming back to a cold vehicle about ten minutes later, so I left it running both times.  It certainly is time for us to dig out our long underwear.

I was paid an unexpected visit at my office by a young man looking for work. Of course I turned into twenty questions as I normally do when strangers arrive.  I’d guessed him to be in his early twenties, but later discoverd he’s only seventeen.  I said to him, “How is it you ended up in Mason City?”  He said he and his girlfriend decided to move here.  I understand she has a job, but he hasn’t and winter is here.  After piecing together his recent movements, I couldn’t help but wonder what will become of him in later years.   No driver’s license, no high school diploma, no job, no relatives in the area, and above all, not even fully mature. Doing a little checking on my own, I found he’d been in some non-drug related trouble in another city. Even his conversational skills were deeply lacking to where I had ask several questions in a different manner so he would understand.  That’s all I kept thinking after he left was, “He forfeited his youth to become a “man” far too soon to where there will always be a lingering void as he grows older.”  I think he was about as close to being a true example of an inner-city “street kid”  that I’ve personally encountered.  It looks like I’m getting more involved in commercial real estate as each year passes.

There were a number of years where I’d have nearly no commercial sales under my belt, but over these past six years, I’ve grown all the more comfortable with understanding valuations.   I’ve been exceptionally fortunate in pairing up buyers and sellers during these recent times, and so far, they’ve all done well.  My market approach is a little different than most to where I look at what can be, rather than what’s already there.  Location and visibility are exceptionally important, along with understanding traffic patterns.  Some think the busier the street, the more customers to be had.   That’s not always the main ingredient.  If anyone really studied traffic patterns as well as ease of exit and entry, they’d more fully understand.  Without naming the companies, I can say there are those who’ve wished they’d never located where they have simply because of traffic congestion.  I was with clients out on the west side of our City today, and they even noticed how faulty and time consuming some of the intersections and side roads can be during normal business hours.  The “Golden Lane” can sometimes be the “Devils Highway” when trying to get to a business located on a frontage road.

I’ve lunched all three days this week with clients, and happy to say there are three eateries that’ve received great ratings. The Thai Bistro, Wok and Roll, and Taco Tico are all “likes” after we tested their tasties.

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