The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast ClubIt certainly turned out to be quite the beautiful day with the sun shining brightly, the vivid colors of turning leaves, and the smell of Fall in the air. Someone texted me earlier this morning complaining about Winter being around the corner and wondering where Summer went. I sent back a note saying, “Yes, Summer is gone, but we must enjoy every beautiful Fall day we have in North Iowa when it arrives, and not be fretting about the inevitable arrival of Winter.” I didn’t get a response back so I’m guessing the recipient wasn’t looking for uplifting words. It’s really too bad when you think about some of the conversations we enter into on a daily basis, where they turn dark and overly critical and the best of our “now” is overlooked. It seems I’ve been hearing all the more these past months, to where I’m beginning to think we’re becoming infected by all the negative hype that’s going on with our election process. Should we wonder if there are any real moderates left in our midst. Someone walked up to me today to speak about an unfortunate happening that took place with me about 5 years ago and wanted to let me know that she had nothing to do with something I’d assumed she’d started, with very good reason I might add. Gossip is a bad thing, especially when it becomes both financially and mentally hurtful. I thought to myself while listening, “Why now are you coming to me?” I heard her out, and after she was finished I said, “No matter if it was you or someone else, I’ve sent that down long ago in my deep well of memories to be forgotten.” I guess that was enough to clear the air and hopefully I can get today’s chance meeting pushed back down that very same well.

Nearly all of my day was spent out of the office on appointments with home inspectors, house cleaners, contractors, photo takers, and document deliverers. I was shocked to find it nearly 5:00 when one of my clients showed up at the office. Nearly convinced he believed I was dodging him I said, “You have no idea what a “follow the bouncing ball” day I’ve had today.” I was able to get all my calls returned and pretty much everything back to normal before I closed up for the day. Yet again, the photographers are out at it again taking photos of students in the corner of my front entry where that Florentine panel of glass is located. There were two different photographers taking shots of students in that corner in just the short time I was at my office. It would be nice if one of them would show me the end product to see if that panel of glass was worthy of being used as a backdrop. I am glad they’re using some of the details of our Historic Downtown buildings as part of their themes.

After having heard and endured some really boastful drivel coming out of the mouths of several of my colleagues, along with the general public of late, I couldn’t help but think of that old movie that made quite an impression on audiences a number of years ago. At the end of the movie, one of the actors left a note for the school moderator saying, “Spend a little more time trying to make something of yourself and a little less time trying to impress people…The Breakfast Club.” I would suggest it you have’t seen it, to watch it because it gives a good representation of how so many of our youth struggle with understanding who they really are. Today’s peer pressure is all the more deadly.

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