Maple Leaf Bouquet

Maple Leaf BouquetIt was a bit saddening to find a light mist in the air this morning along with the dirty gray clouds when not but two days ago the weather channel predicted it to be a sunny day. It’s just one more reminder to us that Mother Nature is unpredictable. Not to worry, I had enough things to keep me busy inside without the worry of a missed opportunity and left with nothing to do.

My public open house today didn’t have as many people as I was expecting, but at least those who were in attendance liked it. I was reminded again while seated in front of a window how wonderful it is to be in a home that was built higher off the street level to where one can see all the more. If the general population were asked what their elevation preferences were, there’d be far more opting for a home on a higher elevation. It brings me to mind how values of properties in California are determined. One feature that creates all the more value is if a home is on an elevation with views of either hills, mountains, or water. I can’t begin to think how many times I’ve seen this written in a real estate advertisement, “With an ocean view.” Though they dare not tell how far the ocean really is from the property. I’ve seen some that are miles away and still touting the “ocean view” feature. The stretching of truth can certainly be misleading at times. Some will say just about any ploy in a real estate advertisement will create a showing in hopes to snag an unsuspecting buyer. Once in a while I’ll pick up one of those flyers that come in the mail and page through it. Whomever writes those ads, use every form of catch phrases to get someone to notice. I read them carefully and then start picking them apart to where I’m convinced it’s just a rag filled with hyper-sales. It’s no wonder Americans have so must “stuff” in their possession. I’m working hard at believing less is more.

We’ll see what kind of a day it is tomorrow for my public open house at 2031 Springview Drive. As I mentioned before, this town house is waiting for its new owner who’ll create one of the most delightful sanctuaries. Several weeks ago I happened to read an article about how people who are working in stress-filled jobs, really must create some sort of buffer between their work lives and their homes. The author suggested divorcing oneself from all job related activities while at home, along with decorating with soft colors, a helping of good works of art, and above all, bringing as much light and natural elements into the home. The town house that’ll be open tomorrow would be a great candidate for creating a home sanctuary. The sun room at the rear is where I’d begin with the make-over. The current window placement will surely allow more than enough air movement within the unit. Fresh air and buckets of sunshine is what the doctor ordered. Be sure to stop by tomorrow.

My late afternoon duties included mowing and mulching leaves, along with cutting and bagging all the dead flower stems that were foundation plantings. I was surprised to find a few Spring perennials showing buds. This is yet another example of how our weather is so “funked up”, to where the perennials are getting confused. I did pick up a handful of beautiful leaves and decided to share with you my stunning Maple leaf bouquet.

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