A Gentleman of Substance

A Gentleman of Substance-1If someone were to ask me to give an account of what my day was like, I’d probably have to really sit and think about it. From the time dawn arrived, I felt like it was going to be one of those roller-coaster days, and so it came to pass. I’ll likely spend part of my day tomorrow reflecting on the happenings of this day so to make more sense of it all.

I had another soft landing closing today which spanned many weeks from when the offer was accepted to the day of closing. I can’t help but notice how some agents, for better or worse, try to be “helicopters” with their buyers or sellers to where it becomes not only annoying, but also embarrassing at times. If I were to ever go on the road and start teaching real estate classes again, I’d likely have a few videos created to show agents how to conduct themselves when working with the general public. It’s no wonder why many hold Realtors in lesser regards due to some of the statements that come out of their mouths along with their questionable actions. I may sound a bit irreverent when saying how much more religion has become a part of real estate sales to where it’s used almost like a gimmick. I believe everyone’s faith should be held more close and personal instead of being out it the public’s eyes and ears. I understand the concept of evangelization, but to have it carried into the realm of real estate seems is a bit much. Some may think it’s something new that’s happening, but in reality I’ve seen it happen in more contained forms even as far back as 30+ years ago. I’ll give two examples which took place so long ago that the agents I speak of have long passed. While riding along with an agent to present an offer to his sellers, I turned to him and said, “Do you think your sellers are going to take the offer I just went over with you?” I was shocked when he reached his index finger towards me to the point of almost having it shoved into my cheek and said, “Ya know Joe, I really can’t say. I think we’re just gonna have to let God decide.” I knew before we even entered the home to present it to his sellers, they weren’t going to take it. With that said, my buyers and his sellers never did come together on a price.

The funniest thing happened not but a week later. He sold the home himself to another buyer. I still wonder if God was playing an active part in that transaction. Another time long ago, I was at a broker’s office to present an offer to her sellers. While walking out of her office, I happened to hear her telling her sellers, “Now we need to do some praying over this before you make your decision.” When I got back to my office I said to a colleague, “I’m pretty sure the time spent on writing an offer on her listing was futile.” Well, as chance would have it, we couldn’t come together on price so I ended up selling my buyers a different home. I thought it was magical when hearing that agent ended up selling it herself. Yes, this form of real estate sales has been going on for a very long time, and will likely continue.

The rental that I’ve been spending a great deal of time showing this past week has finally been rented to an absolutely charming young man who’s moving here from out of State. I encouraged him to find friends who’ll re-locate here as well. I considered it a most memorable day in having the opportunity to meet a gentleman of substance.

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