Chrysanthemum Day

Chrysanthemum DayOne of the most aggravating features of my profession is the general public’s disregard in keeping appointments—especially when it’s rental housing related. Within the last four days I’ve had three no-shows for appointments with prospective tenants. As far as I’m concerned, whenever they do that to me, they’re beyond being inconsiderate when knowing I have to take time out of my day to meet them at a property. I’ve actually had those same types call back days later wanting to have a look while giving me the flimsiest of excuses. All I say is, “You were given my cell phone number to call if you couldn’t make it and you didn’t.” The only bright side of these happenings is knowing they’ll likely be stood up by someone else due to their own negative karma they’ve placed on themselves. Oh well, it’s just part of my job and I move on.

I’ll be posting a new listing tomorrow on a home that should sell in a reasonable amount of time. It’s been extensively updated and spotlessly cleaned to where a buyer will likely have to do nothing before moving into it. What’s the most appealing, is all the beautiful woodwork and floors. The only drawback it has is there being no garage, yet more than enough yard to build one. The price will be adjusted accordingly which will give buyers in a lower price range the ability to move into a much more beautiful home for less.  There’ll be plenty of photos taken for everyone to get a good idea of what a wonderful home it is. If the buyers act fast, they could be in by Thanksgiving.

The political headquarters just a few doors down from my office is showing more activity with people coming and going. The workers inside appear to be busy little bees on their computers and phones. It’s amazing to find how far they’ve travelled to be here. One of the workers who’s been here for several months has a car with Massachusetts plates on it. They have other vehicles with New Jersey and Oregon plates. Every time I see a New Jersey license plate I remember as a child being told that if you see a green station wagon with New Jersey plates on it, it’s likely the mafia coming to get you. Isn’t it crazy the things young children are told that become hard-coded into their memory? This is all the more reason parents should remain diligent in screening the information their youngsters are being exposed to on the internet and television, along with what’s being said by adults in their presence. It’s far better for the young to be more naïve than jaded.

Another beautiful Fall day came and went in all its glory with the exception of those nasty little jiggers that are starting to bite. Some of them are so small that they can get through screens. With the sun now lower in the sky, the colors of nature are more vibrant which inspired me to a stop at a home in the City to take the above photo of the most luminescent flowering chrysanthemum. I’d noticed it several days ago, but today it seemed to glow as thought it were florescent. Even though we must wait until summer is nearly over to see them blooming, it’s certainly worth the wait. Most people buy them already potted and blooming without realizing they’re perennials. They thrive best with minimal care in protected southern exposures—usually as foundation plantings. In the orient they make tea from their dried flowers. It was a great chrysanthemum day!

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