Castles in the Sand

Castles in the Sand-1Yours truly spent several delightful hours this morning at the back of my building and in the alley doing some mowing and power weed cutting.  It seemed the more weeds I cut, the more I’d find as I was working my way down the alley.  It never ceases to amaze me how some business owners will allow weeds to get so tall to the point they’re going to seed and spreading more weed seeds about.  I was again reminded of how times have changed in our City when driving down a street that was at one time delightful, and now finding it an eye sore where the occupants of many of them make little or no attempt to at least keep their yards mowed.  Even though most of those houses are now owned by one or two of our small group of rental barons who seem to not give a hoot about what their income properties look like.  I guess it’s the mindset of, “Who cares what they do as long as they pay their rent.”  Yet those same people wonder why they’ve gained the reputations they have.  If I were the owner of those properties I would be far more vocal with the tenants about their lack of keeping their yards at least mowed on a regular basis.

When visitors to our community see such sights they likely consider such locations seedy and begin questioning the fibre of those particular areas.  Even when showing homes to buyers, I can tell when they’re paying closer attention to other houses in the neighborhood if they happen to see more than just one that looks out of place.  I know we don’t live in Stepford, but at least there should be a baseline where standards are set in stone.  I’ve had past experiences when trying to sell a home and finding there to be a questionable property either next door or across the street.  Believe it or not, they have a negative effect on marketing a given home regardless how nice it is.

I’m happy my public open house today at 666 – 9th St. NE was a success.  I don’t think I was alone in the home any more than maybe 5 minutes considering the number of people in attendance.  There was a couple with small children there whom I do hope decide to buy it because of the pool, the elementary school, and the park being in close proximity.  I’ve envisioned a young couple purchasing it and becoming another asset to that neighborhood.  I’m sure the owner will be very pleased if there’d be a family buying so to carry on with the care and attention that’s been given the home over the years.  Whenever there’s a seller who’s lived in a home for a number of years, there becomes a sentimentality over who the next owner will be.  I’m in hopes that now after they’ve seen other homes in the area, they’ll realize how well the home will fit them.

After my open house I happened to run into someone I hadn’t seen in months.  It was good seeing him and glad all is well on his side of the fence.  He happened to mention some things that were going on in his family regarding a close relative who’s been stirring up dust.  I assured him there’s always at least one, and sometimes two in a family who’ll do everything they can to make others miserable.  He went on to say, “And she’s got more money than most and to act like she’s a miserable and penniless hunchback!”  All I could say was, “Many believe money gives them power and they’re safe in their castles, but little do they know their castles are made of sand, and the first wave of misfortune will wash them out to sea and leave not even a trace of their existence.”  I believe my words helped him to understand how those who live in darkness perceive their worlds.  You know, we all build “castles” in our lives, but if the foundations of those castles are built on greed, hatred, or envy, then they will be washed away in time just as those castles in the sand.

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