A Kitchen Staircase

A Kitchen StaircaseI completely forgot about telling everyone I had another very soft landing on the sale on one of my listings last week.  I’m going to remain confident the new owners will continue on with the home’s legacy of being a great place to raise a family.  The few previous owners, seemed to remain there for a very long time.  The quality of construction as well as the home’s design will remain in my memory for a very long time.

It looks like a number of existing renters are finally deciding to purchase instead of paying too much in rental housing.  I’ve told many these past months how I believe it’s absolutely crazy to be renting long term when they’re comfortable with the our City as well as their jobs.  On the flip side, I really don’t think people should purchase when knowing they’ll only be here for two to five years in jobs that are merely stepping stones to bigger and better employment elsewhere.  Should they decide to purchase, it’s not likely they’ll have enough equity built up over such a short period of time.  The only exception is if they’re able to purchase something at a discount in need of work, make the repairs and updates themselves, and catch the market on a rise.  It’s been done and I’m happy for them, but it’s an occurrence that happens not so very often.  I really dis-like seeing sellers loose money on their homes—especially when they’ve taken care of them along with making all the necessary repairs.

Over the years, I’ve helped people with floor plan problems which they’ve come to me for my advice.  I may sound a bit pompous when saying every one of those new construction plans as well as re-models were a success not just for those who followed through with the construction or re-model, but even the subsequent buyers of those homes who were quite taken by their designs. We can go on and on about the prime components that make a house a comfortable home, but for me it’s all about the “feel” of   a home in its entirety. Sometimes I have to keep quiet when sellers tell me how special their homes are when knowing their floor plans have been built over and over again all across America.  There are a number of homes here in Mason City that were mail-orders which were catalog designs shipped here by rail on palates.  Sears Roebuck & Co. was one of the biggest sellers back  in the early 1900’s along with a handful of others.

I happened to be in a home today that has one of the most charming floor plans which made quite an impression on me.  Likely few if any of our residents are familiar with it since it hasn’t been on the market for decades.  It’s a very old home which was likely built back in the 1880’s and has weathered those long years quite well due to the owner’s perseverance in taking very good care of it.  One of the most striking features of it, is its only staircase leading upstairs which is located in the kitchen.  So you say, “Why in the kitchen?”  After getting the home’s “feel” today, I say, “Why not?”  Seeing how I was taken by the home’s configuration, the owner said, “I see you like my kitchen staircase as much as I do, and it was one of the main reasons I purchased it so many years ago.”  We visited about how much it makes sense to where the kitchen is usually the last room we are in before going to bed, and the first place we are when getting our day started.  I just happened to have my camera with me and after getting the owner’s permission, I got a good snapshot of it which I’m now sharing with you.  After a mental re-run, I’ve now decided that if anyone ever asks me to help with a new-build floor plan in the future, I’ll be quick to mention all the functional benefits of having their 2nd floor stairway being a kitchen staircase.  So terribly charming don’t you think?

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