I was Wowed

I was WowedIt looks like the for-hire yard people have started with their Spring cleanup of lawns and gardens around Mason City.  This may be our cue that the weather is going to be pleasant from here on out.  I think they know something more about timing than the rest of us since they seem to know when on a yearly basis.  I’ve also noticed a few grocery stores starting to set out early Spring annuals such as pansies.  They’ll endure far colder overnight temperatures than most.  The Northern Europeans seem to always have some sort of flowers growing in protected areas outside and of course pansies are one of them.

If we weren’t so far away from the oceans, we’d have far more pleasant winter weather in spite of how far north we are on the globe due to the oceanic currents.  But since we live so far inland, it’s those arctic air masses that carry with them their nasty frigid temperatures.  Exceptionally cold arctic air masses have taken place for likely thousands of years, but the meteorologists have now started calling them vortexes.  Perhaps they’re attempting to make us feel colder and be all the more wary when out of doors. I’m just happy the days are growing longer and the temperatures are on the rise. I was shocked to see the thermometer reading of 71 degrees while showing homes this afternoon.

I was engaged in a conversation with a delightful elderly person for a short time today who always seems to get a lift when seeing me.  I’ve decided the very old like a to have comical things said to them just as much as the rest of us.  Getting a good laugh as often as possible is certainly one of the healthiest things we can do to relieve some of the burdens of being old and unable to do things that were freely done when younger.  One of her younger relatives happened to be visiting at the same time and was listening to some of the comical things I was telling her.  Unfortunately the relative didn’t find what I was saying to be very humorous, but at least my elderly friend had a few good giggles.

That encounter today re-affirmed with me again how far too many of the general public don’t allow themselves to become light enough to have a good laugh or two.  There are so many in our midst who’ll work diligently to keep from being jovial to the point of one believing their faces would crack and fall off should the start a smile.  Every time I see someone driving around downtown who happened to go to the same school I did, I say to myself, “Do you ever smile?”  The look she has when driving would make anyone think she eats nails for breakfast.  The only time I ever remember her laughing was when she was telling her so-called friends something very cutting and gossipy about another classmate.  I don’t find things like that funny at all. That’s what I call getting a laugh at someone else’s expense.  The student she was talking about at the time was not the best looking and had a terrible inferiority complex.  I befriended her because I knew she was kind hearted.  Years later I found out she became a teacher and working with disabled children.  I would say she raised herself far higher than Ms. Lizard Lips has who’s remained here. Most forget that in time, karma has a way of settling scores.

Make sure you all keep a close eye on my website these coming days because there’ll be one or two very nice homes I’ll be placing on the market.  I was wowed in one today!

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