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Reach for It-1It seems a long time coming but alas we’re only a day away from Easter.  For me, Easter has always been the “marker” of sorts to where the darkness of Winter ends and the light of Spring begins.  Certainly we’ve had days beyond Easter to where they felt like the return of Winter, but those were nothing but bumps in the road on the way towards the full blossoms of Spring.  Some say Fall is their favorite time, but mine is Spring simply because Winter is so many more months away.  I’m sure you all know by now how much I’ve always disliked the cold and darkness of Winter.

My public open house today at 1057 Park Lane was far more of a success than anticipated.  I actually ran out of information sheets before it was over, but thankfully the remainder of visitors said they’d already seen all the particulars online before they arrived.  As I’ve known for a very long time, Park Lane is more popular with those who really understand our neighborhoods and streets of this City.  It’s not so long of a half circle and there’s really no reason for anyone to be driving down it unless they’re either coming to and from home, lost, or someone being overly curious about a person living on that street.  Many of our younger crowd absolutely do not like living in fish bowl neighborhoods where there are long streets and wide-open rear yards.  Real residential privacy comes at bigger prices in these times which is certainly no surprise to me. As a by-product of this age of information over-load, many have decided having at least their own home “sanctuary” away from it all is worth paying extra.  With that said, it won’t surprise me in the least if this home gets sold more sooner than later.

One of the couples that arrived at my open house today whom I haven’t seen in some time are two whom I’ve known for an exceptional length of time.  Do you ever notice how when you happen to get together with someone you’ve known in a good way for many years, all memories come rushing back? With this particular couple it’s more acute because we’ve walked different yet parallel paths over these years. We all have learned that if we’re comfortable enough with a long term acquaintance, we’ve long since lowered personal guards and become delightfully guileless with each other.

Someone was talking today about an Easter service happening tomorrow at their place of worship.  Over the years I’ve been fortunate to have experienced some memorable ones.  Personally, one of my favorites was when in attendance at a exceptionally old Gothic chapel.  The wholeness of that experience was what set it above the rest.  Can you imagine walking through arched double wooden doors, stepping on stone floors, raising your eyes upward to vaulted ceilings, smelling burning burning beeswax candles everywhere, and hearing a-Capella voices of practiced verses resonating within?  Well, that was the wholeness of the experience. We understand why many loose their faiths in these times, but after walking back through those massive wooden doors that seemed to separate the now from the eternal, one couldn’t possibly loose their spirituality.  Outward signs of faith are OK, but when that visible faith isn’t part of one’s invisible core, then those signs are meaningless as far as I’m concerned.  Isn’t it funny how in seeing two people today who’ve been well knowns of mine for so many years, can trigger so many long ago memories?  Upon leaving one of them said, “I hate being old.”  I sternly replied, “You of all people should remember every age has its beauty as long as you reach for it.” I’m hopeful I placed everything back into perspective for them. Yes, voices from the past are sometimes the best to be heard.

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