Rusty Old Barge

Rusty Old BargeThe rain we had these past 24 hours should certainly give the water table a boost going into the cold months, but then again reading how the El Nino that’s taking place on the Pacific side this season will likely bring us much warmer weather along with more precipitation.  If we do get a large amount of snow, I hope it will be warm enough to melt quickly instead of hanging on all winter.  Those heavy wet snow storms always concern me with the amount of extra weight they place on power lines, trees and shrubs, and roofs.  Lets just all hope for a mild winter with light snow storms and quick melts.

It was more than a normally busy day today with a potpourri of tasks to be attended to on a timely basis.  I get a little frustrated with myself when I don’t have enough time to get my desk work done as well as the research time needed so I can speak intelligently with prospective sellers about the market values of their homes.  Doing value research in today’s market is all the more difficult due to the sale prices of “like” homes being all over the map.  In years past there was always a pattern or grid from which I could establish values, but in these times, there’s no rhyme or reason why some homes have sold for markedly discounted prices while others have sold far above what would be considered the norm.  I’ve been printing out some of the sales that have sold far above and well below the ranges which I would’ve considered normal and will likely use them in the future as examples of how fractured our market has become.  I had to laugh to myself when an agent some months ago told me his buyer on one of my listings had decided it was only worth the price they’d offered and when the countering back and forth started, the seller came down in price several times but the buyers didn’t budge from their first offering price. Needless to say, they didn’t get the home and another buyer ended up with it weeks later for a more than fair price.  Just for kicks I’m going to take a look to see what home they did purchase and start drawing some comparisons on my own.  Whenever a buyer gets so entrenched with price they want to pay for a home, they’re either bullheaded and think they’re more knowledgable than a seasoned Realtor, or they’re really not that interested in the home from the beginning, or lastly, they’re simply bottom feeders.  Bottom feeders won’t normally purchase anything unless there are deep discounts involved.

My eyes were certainly filled with quite the sights at the grocery store this evening.  If there’s one thing I’ll be glad about the cold weather arriving, is that people will have to wear warmer clothes and won’t be exposing their tattoos to the entire world.  Both women and men walking down aisles with shorts on and sleeveless shirts exposing a myriad of designs and colors was disgusting.  The one with the pentagram tattooed on the back of his neck took the piggie prize tonight.  I can’t even begin to imagine where else they have tattoos on their bodies.  I can certainly say people who stand about in public talking about their “ink” really must start raising their sights on what is important and what’s frivolous.  I’ll always remember what one of my father’s brother-in-law’s looked like when he grew old and the tattoos he had drawn on him while in the Navy appeared after all those years.  It really wasn’t a pretty sight.  What was likely a battleship evolved into a rusty old barge.

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