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Better Things to DoHopefully the rain with dissipate soon for I believe we’ve had enough in this month.  I’ve noticed we didn’t even have the “brown” time of summer this year.  Remember when we always seemed to have a time for weeks when there wasn’t enough rain to keep the grass growing and many would be out watering their flowers and lawns?  This summer we only seemed to have a slight brushing of that period.  There’s no question in my mind there will be bumper crop yields of corn and beans this year.

I had another soft landing of a closing today of a home that was sold privately and I agreed to handle all the paperwork for a fee.  Sometimes we just have to give back to the general public for their being supportive of us.  The sellers couldn’t have thanked me enough and their words were appreciated.  Too much of the time people in business don’t want to make concessions for the general public and believe that if they can’t have it all, they don’t want any part of a transaction.  It’s too bad they don’t consider the idea that sometimes we are called to do for far less of a payment simply as a reminder that we are humans and willing to give back.  For decades we’ve heard the line, “Give until it hurts.”  I reject that statement and consider more the idea of saying, “Give until it feels good.”

Giving for the wrong reasons just makes for the mindset of creating elitists.  The more some give because they’re being lauded and puffed up by publications showing their donations causes them to feel all the more special.  Giving quietly and freely makes for an all around better person.  Every time I hear of someone chattering about how much they’ve supported their house of worship or any of the other charitable foundations, I think to myself, “Hmmm. Are you giving freely without strings attached, or are you giving because you want the recognition?”  Anonymous donors have seemed to fall out of favor in our world filled with narcissists to where they can say, “Look at me I’m special because of what I’ve gifted.”

I had conversations today with several young and ambitious gentlemen about moving forward with their plans of bettering themselves.  One young man who purchased a property is a bit concerned about tackling some of the projects in his new home.  I told him to set aside a reasonable amount of time each day to work on his home and not to waver.  Getting oneself in sync is one of the battles with self, and the other large battle is to stick to one thing in a home until it is finished and then move on to the next.  If one were to take say a room at a time and get it finished from top to bottom to where once the door is closed, it’s finished and only to be reopened to look back at the completed product as an incentive to move forward.  I gave him a quick and less time consuming example of removing wallpaper.  What he thought would take days will likely take hours. I think he was happy to have stopped by the office on this gray day.

The other gentleman has been wavering about whether he should change professions and move into something he actually enjoys.  I spent about an hour going over possibilities for him to slowly change careers without there being an income “down time”.  It’s unfortunate that many of our young feel as though they’re trapped in their jobs after realizing they don’t fit.  I remind everyone that if they don’t like their jobs, just go and find better things to do rather than feeling as though they’ve got a ball and chain around their legs for the rest of their working lives.  We must continue to remind ourselves that if we take out the factor of fear, many doors of opportunity will begin to open.  I have understood for a number of years that the greatest evil in our world is fear.

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