Eleventh Hour

627 N HarrisonThe first days of the month along with the last are nearly always more hectic for a real estate office. There are closings to attend and often times tenant issues which can absorb more minutes than expected. Since I’ve had some very recent sales, there’s always the getting everyone up to speed with the loan processes simply to insure there’s no missed steps along the way. Cogs can form in wheels of transactions but they can usually get removed easily as long as they’re recognized before they become looming problems. Someone asked me not long ago how it is I don’t get stressed out over all the personalities I have to deal with on a daily basis. I said, “I simply adjust to situations and remain as focused as possible on the tasks at hand.” I had to laugh at someone teasing me this afternoon about all the seemingly apparent success I’ve had in the real estate area over the years. I said, “Too many of you in the general public believe that being a Realtor consists of nothing more than listing a home, going back to the office and waiting for a given buyer to call and say they want to buy the house, or possibly wait for another Realtor to sell it, while all the hard costs of keeping an office up and running continue to mount.” The real world of a real estate sales is that every single day is a win or loose period while time marches forward. The most unfortunate reality is that only a very few of the agents take the lion’s share of business in a given real estate market. It’s sad, but unfortunately true. But, as civilizations have risen in power, they have later fallen; it’s all part of the idea that nothing lasts forever.

I see the City is getting prepared for the moving of the Egloff House in the cutting of tree branches that are hanging over onto the public right-of-ways. North Carolina Avenue will be closed very soon for about three weeks for the amount of time needed to build a temporary “bridge” atop Carolina bridge over which the home will be moved. I can’t wait to see that “bridge” as well as being there with camera in hand the day it creeps with baby steps over it. I’m fully convinced, when the Egloff House is resting on its new foundation in The Historic Downtown, it will be yet one more reason for people to visit Mason City. I commend all the people who’ve worked quietly and diligently thus far to make that project become a reality. I’ve told many recently that I wouldn’t have the slightest of reservations about living Downtown. Where else can you walk nearly everywhere and not have to get in your car and drive to and from work? Nearly all the progressive cities have downtown housing that’s highly desirable as well as commanding steep prices in sales and rentals. I remember the before and after of the Gas Light District in San Diego. Over thirty years ago, most would have considered that area beyond hope of resurrection, but it only took a few people with vision to make it a highly desirable place to live and do business. It’s also a tourist destination. I’m starting to see similar movement with our Historic Downtown. Snapping one’s fingers doesn’t make change happen overnight. It takes months and sometimes years of planning before change begins to sprout. I believe our city is in its eleventh hour before the dawning of a new and brighter future for our community. Let’s all stay focused on making it happen.

Joe Chodur

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